Finding happiness in your career


Something very important in life is to be content in the job that you are doing. Waking up day after day to a job that you hate can be extremely depressing and life draining in comparison to waking up to a job that you genuinely love and enjoy. Something that can be difficult too, is that even if you are doing a job that you love but the salary is poor, it can depress you because outside of work you are finding life a struggle. Three main dilemmas with job satisfaction are explained below:

Money, happiness or both?

A very common question in an interview is “why do you want this job” and employers expect an answer relating to its field or the company, but the truthful answer for almost all of the population is actually “Money”. Some people are happy to do an extremely horrible job because of the money it yields, meaning they avoid depression because the money they earn is classed as worth it for the terrible eight hours they must work each day, while others prefer to take lower paying job that they love what they do. Different locations pay different amounts because of supply and demand, if you have decided on a role you love in California for example, it’s a good idea to look for a specific city or area and view the employment data such as employment data in San Hose so that you can see data about your desired role easily and get the most out of it.

Time and flexibility

Something which can often be depressing for people is when they are working more hours than they should, however, if you wish to earn decent money then putting in that extra effort and not moaning for a few years can be what´s necessary in order to get to earning a great level of money and become a boss. Something that is extremely important is that if you believe that you are being overworked, maybe even having an illegal amount of hours forced upon you, then having a chat with your boss in a polite and professional manner is necessary and if nothing is done, going to HR. In most cases getting to the top will require you to work extra hours but be aware that you aren’t being taken advantage of, and ensure you are getting recognised for you extra effort or it will all be for nothing!

Travelling too far to work

Many people in the USA travel extremely far to work every day, this can be extremely testing on their happiness. If you are waking up every day at 4.30AM, getting to work at 8AM, leaving at 5PM and getting home at 8.30PM then pretty much your whole day has gone and you need to sleep to be fresh in the morning. Making a change and finding a job closer to home can often boost happiness and with the above example, give you as much as 7 hours more free time every single day!

Remember, being content with how everything is in your life can enable you to eliminate things like stress and depression entirely, and your job takes up a great amount of time in your life.