What to Know Before Packing Your Bags and Hitting the Job Market in Different City

If Job Hunting

If you’ve been at a job where you feel unappreciated and aren’t at a place in your life where you feel satisfied, you may want to just close up shop and get a fresh start somewhere else. After notifying your landlord of your intentions to move and scouring the classifieds for a new pad in a different town, it may even feel like things are beginning to go in your favor. While being pessimistic is not generally a good thing, it is vital to remain pragmatic. Having a master of education in adult and continuing education program via Rutgers Online can be a wonderful credential to obtain, but education isn’t all it takes to get hired. Slow down and consider whether the place you want to move to has a lot of jobs available first. Then, see if you can get a new position secured before making your final move.

Remote Interviews Aren’t Difficult to Master

For people that want to get hired but can’t report for face to face interviews, see which companies are familiar with remote interviewing. You will be asked the same standard interview questions that you are used to and you will likely need to have more than one interview remotely to secure a job. Be ready to scan and send all documentation that supports your completed your master of education in adult and continuing education program, as indicated prior to having a remote interview scheduled. Remember that when you apply for jobs digitally, there can be concerns about security and identity theft, so don’t think that it’s anything personal if transcripts and diplomas are requested.

References are Critical When Moving to a New Job Market

Present all letters of recommendation with pride to potential employers as early on in the job applicant screening process as possible. You will want to give potential employers the opportunity to vet your references and sometimes a phone conversation can help interviewers gain even more insight into the people that they are screening. As a job prospect who is coming from a different location, employers need to know what your performance track record is. Giving references can help to support your reasons for relocating and give companies peace of mind as far as your intention to stick around permanently.

Employment Agencies Have Excellent Resources

Whether you already have recruiters sending emails to you regularly or choose to seek out employment agencies that are located in the city that you plan to move to, you should reach out and ask for help when you need to get a permanent job. Until you move, you can’t just go around to various employers and drop off your resume. Instead, you should contract with an employment agency who can shop around your resume for you in advance.

Even if you have money saved and a new apartment rented, you should be wary about changing jobs before you have a replacement lined up. It won’t be very long before you become less enthusiastic about your life choices if you don’t land a job within a few months. In addition to being in a new place and needing employment, you won’t know anyone to hang out with socially. Landing a job in advance can help you to make new acquaintances so that you don’t feel isolated.