Before Hiring, Understand The Needs Of Your Organization

What many hiring managers don’t realize, especially in the sales sector, is that there really isn’t one universal formula for what makes a salesperson successful or not. While there are a variety of traits to look for, what matters most is the combination of assertiveness, empathy, sociability, dependence, and sense of urgency, and that ideal combination is unique to every enterprise. Rather than looking for a universal solution, it’s more beneficial to first look within your organization. This way you’ll be able to determine what your model sales personality looks like, and compare applicants against that profile, as opposed to an imagined personality you think would suit a position.

What are the Needs Of Your Organization?

There are tools available to help those hiring to secure the best sales personnel by first analyzing the qualities of the staff that make company initiatives a success. One way to begin is by implementing a comprehensive, customized sales personality test into the application process, available through providers like SalesTestOnline. All of the above traits among others are measured and evaluated in keeping with the requirements of your particular job. The test also connects these traits to important sales activities such as prospecting, closing, or working on commission. According to the Sales Test Online Blog, where one applicant may not be the best fit for the particular position you’re hiring for — but their sales personality is compatible with the attitudes of your company — you then have a better idea about whether to return to them should a more suitable role open up.

In order to make the right decision, your test takers need to be compared against specific role requirements. The test is effective because it does just this, thoroughly analyzes a position to establish a target profile. At the end of each test, a highly predictive suitability rating is sent to the hiring committee in the form of a percentage score, excellent candidates will score between 80-100%. It simply and clearly shows how close of a match each applicant is to meeting your specific criteria. It alleviates wasted time in the hiring process and allows you to rest assured that you’re only allocating interview time for the best potential applicants.

Where personality tests are concerned, SalesTestOnline goes one step further. In addition to analyzing the specific requirements for a job, they can create mock profiles based on tests taken by the top salespeople already working for you. Often managers are surprised by what qualities are exhibited through this sampling, what traits their company utilizes most. Applicants are then compared right against those they would be working with. They also look at other documentation, such as your job descriptions or ads so their experts can better establish what your company’s needs are.

The more specific your hiring criteria, the higher your chances are for finding the best candidates. Consider including a sales personality test within your next job application, alleviating a possible hiring risk. Furthermore, you’ll save company resources by cutting down the time of the hiring process, enabling you to instead focus your effort into revenue building initiatives.