What Skills Do Great Entrepreneurs Possess?

The landscape of the business world has changed dramatically in the last 20 years, no longer are there experienced men at the top of multinational companies and enterprises who offer a safe pair of hands as a business trudges along. These days there is an altogether new type of business leader, the modern day entrepreneur, young men and women who have cutting edge ideas and who are hungrier than ever for success.


This new generation of entrepreneurs have not only altered the shape of the business world but they are in the process of inspiring millions to emulate their success. We spoke to entrepreneurial consultant John Bradberry to see just what sets these ‘new kids on the block’ apart from the rest of those in business, let’s take a look at just what kind of skills a successful entrepreneur possesses.

Money Management

Great entrepreneurs understand the value of money and what it means to their business, they are excellent at raising it when getting projects off the ground, they know how to spend it in the right way and more importantly, they know exactly how to make it. Financial management has been the most popular reason for the failure of many businesses and budding entrepreneurs and great leaders are the ones who know how to manage their money.

Building a Team

Those who are successful in business can be measure by the team which they have put in place an these modern entrepreneurs know exactly how to build an effective team with a varieties of functions. Picking your team members, training the team to run like a well-oiled machine and managing them is  key part of an entrepreneur’s success and if you want to be like them then you will need to understand how to put together a great team.

Resilience and Persistence

Th key to every single entrepreneur’s success is their ability to keep on pushing and being persistent with their ideas, their plans and their efforts to grow they business and achieve success. Every business leader worth their salt has has their fair share of knockbacks, failures and losses and what separates the successful leaders and entrepreneurs from those who have failed are the ones who learn from their mistakes or failings and use that experience to make them a stringer leader going forward. If you are not prepared to have thick skin and the ability to bounce back from defeat then this career choice is definitely not one for you.

Looking Forward

The success of the internet millionaires is proof that this generation of entrepreneurs are always seeking to be inventive, seeking to spot new trends and in fact, trying to create new trends. A successful entrepreneur should be creative in their thought process and always have a forward thinking approach, always looking to be inventive and exploit new gaps in the market. The successful entrepreneurs in the modern world possess the skills to listen to what their customers want and give them it as well as having the ingenuity to give their customers what they want, even if the customers don’t yet know it.