Break through your fear and build connections with important people

Far too many people in our society put so-called VIPs up on pedestals. If you are an ordinary person on the street, it is easy to believe that these people are impossible to contact, when with a little persistence and strategy, it is possible to connect with them.

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Prophet TB Joshua has demonstrated this in recent years, as he has had prayer meetings with presidents and other important people within Nigerian society during the course of building his Christian ministry.
By following the rules listed below, we think that you will surprise yourself with the politicians, celebrities, and other luminaries that you can personally reach using these methods.

1) Be yourself 

This piece of advice is often overstated by countless self-improvement and business authors, but it is because authenticity is one of the most important aspects of connecting with people in the 21st century.

Everybody can spot a fake from a mile away, and with everything being recorded on the internet these days, being insincere will follow you around forever.

By being the human being that you have always been (with exceptions for basic rules of social etiquette), you will ensure that your connection that you make with the person you seek to meet will be one that is based on truth rather than on a web of lies.

2) Offer your assistance 

Even the most important people have tasks that they need help with. Whether it is a business or personal affair, those that can provide assistance will earn their friendship in a hurry.

From spreading the word of their business activities to your audience, or by contributing to their media empire with a relevant article, there are a number of ways you can add value to the life of an important person.

3) Connect with associates within one degree of them 

Another way to connect with a VIP is to befriend their associates. In addition to helping build your social and professional network, stocking your Rolodex with names that are intimately familiar to your target will bolster you with social proof once you get referred to them.

4) Find a way to be unforgettable 

In a sea of conformity that has failed to conform to the realities of the 21st century, those that stand out have a much greater chance of becoming a success.

Alpha performers are always on the outlook for ambitious individuals that are willing to put themselves at risk of being mocked for the crime of creating something that stands apart from what already exists.

While you should keep your efforts to get on your target’s radar tasteful, doing things like sending personally signed copies of your self-published book will show that you want to do more with your life than simply be another one of the worker bees occupying a cubicle or hot desk.

5) Persist 

Realize that most busy people are just that: insanely busy. If your networking target is an executive or a startup founder, you can be sure that their day is filled with meetings, conference calls, and high-level work.

If your emails and phone messages go unanswered on the first try, do not give up. Follow up at a rate that shows your interest in meeting them, but do not call back at a frequency that makes you look like a stalker.

Avoid calling and emailing them day after day: by limiting your follow-up frequency to approximately once per week, the slow drip of your continuing contact attempts will eventually convince them to get back to you once they have a few minutes to spare.