What Issues Are on The Global Agenda For 2017?

In the modern World there is far more togetherness throughout nations than there ever has been, groups like the G20, the UN and NATO help nations across the globe work collectively on problems that face us all. Each year there are a certain set of key agenda points which they will be looking at, threats to the global community or the planet on the whole and this year looks set to be another tough year for the World as a whole. Let’s take a look at some of the key issues which we will be addressing in the coming year.



People like Jonathan Schrag have campaigned tirelessly for years to have the environment and more specifically the effects of global warming and climate change, put on the World’s agenda. Governmental and individual attitudes towards climate change have been changing for some time but the responses in terms of action have at times been lukewarm. The recent Paris Agreement put forward by the United Nations has seen the World’s biggest nations sign up to agreement that they will drastically reduce their emissions and unlike treaty’s in the past such as Kyoto, governments look set to follow through on their promises with any making huge steps to cut down the damage that they are doing to the planet.

Terrorist Activities

Terrorism has been increasing at a worrying rate and last year saw high profile attacks on cities like Paris and Berlin that have shaken the western World. With many groups like ISIL and Al Qaeda operating across large parts of the globe as well as many splinter groups such as Boko Haram and Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, the World community needs to come together in order to eradicate this new and modern form of terror. The war on terror will not be won this year but we can expect to see some strong efforts made against these threats by all nations involved. Sadly it seems that the World’s most powerful nations don’t take action until something lands on their own doorstep but after the New York attacks in 2001 as well as attacks in Boston, the aforementioned attacks in Paris and Germany, attacks across Turkey, United Kingdom and Belgium, the power nations look set to redoubling their efforts to end terror in the coming year.


Just a decade ago it appeared as though the global community was opening its doors up to people from all nations and that many more countries would enter into a Schengen style attitude towards freedom of movement. Unfortunately, as a result of terror attacks, political unrest which has seen many governments switch to a more right-wing, nationalistic attitude and struggling economies, more and more countries appear to be closing their doors to migrants, or at least drastically reducing how many people they accept. This has cause division in many nations across the World and looks set to be a hot topic of debate once again throughout 2017.