What To Do If You Have An Accident at Work

An accident at work which was not your fault can give you a really difficult time, it could cause you injuries which prevent you from working and cause you pain, the experience could cause you to lose confidence and the atmosphere at work could also change as a result. When you have an accident at work, it is important that despite the distress which you may be in, that you take steps which will help you to bring about justice for what has happened. We spoke to the guys at christensenhymas.com to find out just what you need to do after an accident so that you can take the appropriate legal action.

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Check For Injuries

Natural the first thing that you should check it is if you have any injuries or soreness. Even if you can’t feel anything right now, there are injuries that are caused, especially from slips and trips, that can show themselves some days later. Concussion and whiplash especially may not show up until a few days after your accident so it is worth getting checked over by a medical professional to ensure that there are no hidden issues.

Photographs and Witnesses

Assuming that you are not heavily injured as a result of you accident, it is important that you understand what you have to do next. Straight after the accident you need to try to take photos of where the accident happened and what was involved. Also you should try to speak to anyone who saw what happened and take their name so that they can support your account of events.

Accident Book

Under workplace law, every place of work should have an accident book and this is the next place that you need to go. Document everything in the book around what happened, who was there and how the event took place. If you do have witnesses who saw the event then you should ask them to document what they saw as well. The information which you put in this book will be vital later on and you should ensure that you include every bit of information which you can, regardless of how relevant you think it is.

Contact Legal Professionals

After you have been checked over medically and you have documented what happened during the event, you need to find a lawyer that specializes in personal injury claims. The idea of bringing a case to your place of work is about more than just being recompensed for your injury or for any time and money that you may have lost. Accidents at work often take place because of something that someone has done, or poor practices in the workplace and taking legal action against your place of work will actually help avoid the same thing happening in the future. The attorney will need as much information as possible to help you win your case and whatever you can remember or whatever evidence you have should be shown to them.

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of an accident at work but if you are prepared, you will have a better chance of winning your case.