How Youth Is Redefined with Better Skin Care Products and Business Models


Nobody can stop Father Time, but everybody wants to look their youngest best. Unsurprisingly, the market for anti-aging products is huge, with companies all over the world creating creams, lotions, potions, pills, and devices, all promising that they will take years off someone’s face. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these companies develop products that do nothing but rob people of their hard-earned money. Wendy Lewis, together with her husband Randy Ray, wanted to change this. Hence, around two decades ago, they started Jeunesse Global, aiming to take a new look at anti-aging products and making those accessible to people all over the world. They aimed to break the mold and set themselves apart from the thousands of other product manufacturers available today. And that is exactly what they did!

The Jeunesse Global Story

Jeunesse Global, from day one, wanted to be different. They aimed to develop skin care products that focus on the body’s natural anti-aging properties, developing products that work both on the outside and the inside. Hence, they developed a range of serums, creams, and supplements, supported by scientific evidence and endorses by industry-leaders. The goal was to make sure everybody around the world could embrace life by living healthy and looking their absolute best. They have achieved this by working together with leading researchers and scientists to create products that are highly bioavailable based on stem cells and human growth factors. Put together, these help to renew skin cells, increase collagen and elastin production, increase longevity, and make people healthier inside and out.

Jeunesse Global prides itself on redefining what youth and youthful is.

Jeunesse Kids

The company is focused on helping people look as young as possible. To achieve this, they also place a strong emphasis on children, wanting to make sure they have the best chance at being and staying healthy from an as young an age as possible. This is why they launched the Jeunesse Kids initiative, through which they aim to help children achieve their dreams.

They now encourage everyone who purchases Jeunesse Global products to get involved and spearhead their own Jeunesse Kids project. To do so, they should reach out to any company or organization they feel they could work with, asking them what their needs would be should they wish to work with children. After this, Jeunesse will support them to plan a project, which, if successful, they will help to find as well. These projects must be focused solely on children. The aim is to have programs running all over the world, living up to the dream of making Jeunesse Global a true global influencer.

The Jeunesse Global products, meanwhile, have gained popularity the world over for their excellence and fantastic results. Similarly, the business opportunity is incredibly popular, with over $77 million having been paid out in commissions so far. Essentially, the company ensures people can look younger and live better, essentially taking far greater enjoyment in their own lives.