The Most Effective Ways to Avoid a Bicycle Accident


Bicycles are a joy to ride with an ability to get in some probably needed exercise and to feel the wind on your face. You can get directly in touch with nature and move at a pace that allows you to really enjoy yourself. But it is also a potentially hazardous activity because you are on the road with cars and other motor vehicles, the roads are sometimes not paved well and pedestrians do not typically pay as much attention to bicycles as they do to cars, motorcycles and trucks meaning they can easily get in your path.

The bicycle rider must take a number of extra precautions in order to avoid being in an accident. Here are some of the most important things for bicycles riders to do in order to avoid being in a traffic accident.

Continuously Watch Blind Spots

Every vehicle including a bicycle has a blind spot that is over the left shoulder and must physically turn their heads to make sure that this area is actually empty before they turn into that area. Similarly, the bicycle rider must be aware when they are in a vehicle’s blind spot. Motor vehicles move more quickly than bicycles so they will not have as much time to react. A bicycle rider must be aware of where he or she is and their relationship to other vehicles on the road in order to avoid an accident.

Look out for Distracted or Impaired Drivers

Distracted driving is a big cause of vehicle accidents. Drivers might be testing, watching videos in their autos, talking, or simply not paying attention to the road. Any of these can spell disaster for a bicycle rider. Another major danger for bicycle riders is when a motor vehicle driver is driving while impaired. Whether the driver has taken illegal or certain prescription drugs or is drunk, his driving will be erratic and he will be a sure danger to everyone on the road, particularly those on bicycles.

Be Mindful of Bad Weather Conditions

When the weather is anything but sunny and clear, it can have an adverse effect on those riding bicycles. When it is raining, has rained recently or there is snow falling or on the ground a bicycle has much less traction and an ability to maneuver. This can lead to a bad accident. The same is the case with motor vehicle. Reduced traction, stability, or visibility can cause even the best drivers to cause a crash. A bike rider must slow his pace considerably, be more vigilant about drivers, and if the weather is too bad, simply not go out on the roads.

Watch Out For Speeding Autos

It is difficult to gauge motor vehicle speeds when you are riding a bicycle. Often cars and trucks can move very quickly into a dangerous position without giving the bike rider time to react.  When someone is driving at excessive speeds, the bike rider is given even less time to avoid a collision. The bike rider must always look out for drivers who are moving faster than the flow of traffic in order to avoid an accident.

Even if you do everything right when riding your bike, you can still be struck by a car, truck or motorcycle while you are riding your bike. You can even get injured by running over potholes and debris in the street. If this occurs, you need to contact a local law firm who specializes in bicycle accidents. If you live in California one of the best example of a law firm that is very successful at helping injured bike riders get settlements is the Dolan Law Firm. Their law offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles can provide the needed support.