A List of the Top Reasons Why it’s Better to Buy a New Van than a Used One

If you’ve been in business for a while and realise you need a van, then we should congratulate you – it means your business is both improving and expanding or it’s growing in a direction you haven’t anticipated yet. Either way, it’s a good sign and with some smart decision-making, your business is sure to profit after a while.

If you’re buying a van for the first time, you may be tempted to think buying a used van is a better idea than purchasing a new one. Unfortunately, you’re wrong. It’s tempting to think so – especially if it’s your first time – but unless you’re an expert in vans, chances are you’ll make a not-so-good deal. Here’s a list of top reasons why it’s better to buy a new van than a used one.

The past is a mystery

The seller of the van will probably not give you an accurate record of where the van has been, or what it has gone through. He wants to get the best of the deal after all. And whilst a good mechanic may be able to give you a proper assessment of the value of the van, the past will always remain a mystery to you. That means you have no idea of what trouble could be brewing.

Your van needs to be strong

If you buy a new van, everything is in mint condition to start

Used vans are not as strong as new vans – the framework could be rusty, the suspension worn out or the engine not efficient anymore. But your van needs to be strong; that’s why you’re considering a van, after all.

Organise it the way you want it

Used vans have been organised, which means you may have to completely re-organise it for your own purpose (which can cost money) or adjust to the previous owner’s sense of order.

It makes financial sense

It really does – over the long-term; you end up saving a lot of money in repairs and maintenance, and new van financing deals are often more affordable than used van financing deals.

The new van smell is simply the best

Nothing is as inviting as the clean, new manufacturer’s smell in a van. It’s a source of pride and pleasure for many.

And here’s one last reason why buying new vans for sale is actually the right choice to make: if your business is growing and you need to have the van to meet the needs of that growing business, you might as well give your existing customers and clients (as well as potential customers and clients) the right impression by showing them that you’re planning on going places (no pun intended). And what better way to spell out success than by showing them your brand new van? It’s not vanity: it’s creating an impression. Never underestimate the value of a good impression.

Image attributed to KROMKRATHOG/FreeDigitalPhotos.net