Enjoy a refreshing mountain holiday in Bandung

Tea plantation tours are a big part of a holiday in Bandung

Photo by CC user Crisco 1492 on wikimedia commons

When it comes to attractions on the Indonesian island of Java, people are less sure of where to go and what to see, as this place is less publicized in the international travel media compared to places like Bali and Lombok.

If you are stuck on where to go besides Yogja and Jakata, one place you definitely shouldn’t miss while exploring this isle is Banbung.

Situated in the West Java highlands a couple of hours outside Jakarta, its elevation provides respite from the relentless equatorial heat and humidity that is omnipresent in this part of the world.

Because of this though, you need to realize that this city gets extremely busy during weekends. Before you make a trip to Bandung, make your online hotel booking at a quality property such as V Hotel – Bandung well in advance to avoid being left without a place to stay.

With that advisory out of the way, let’s talk about a few things that you can enjoy a refreshing mountain holiday in Bandung…

Take in the stunning crater lake of Kawah Putih

The many islands of Indonesia are peppered with volcanoes, and the highlands in the Banbung area are no exception to this rule.

Filled with water that boasts a surreal shade of turquoise and with trees forming the background along the top rim of the crater, it is a site that any traveler to this area cannot afford to miss.

Public transport to the crater can be hit-or-miss, so it is highly recommended that you hire a tour in town to take you to and from this attraction.

Guests that are looking for independence (and are sure of their driving abilities) will want to hire a motorbike, as it only costs 5,000 Rupiah for a day’s rental (roughly $4 USD).

Explore tea plantations and strawberry farms

The cooler and damper climate that persists in the Bandung area makes it the perfect place for a variety of temperate crops such as tea and strawberries.

Farms such as Malabar Tea Plantation give visitors the opportunity to see not only where the leaf responsible for their favorite morning drink comes from, but also how it is processed within the factory located on site.

There are also a number of strawberry farms in the area that line the highways that your tour guide will stop at; if not just ask them and they will likely arrange a visit filled with strawberry smoothies, strawberry shortcake, and other treats inspired by one of the world’s most loved berries.

Eat local Java food on Burangrang Street

One of the most underrated aspects of Indonesia is the diversity of its food. A local street meal in Java is not the same as in Bali, so be sure to spend a night wandering Burangrang street, as it is here where the highest concentration of food vendors in Bandung gather.

With more than 60 stalls serving local favorites ranging from Nasi Goreng Jabrig (the local variant of fried rice) to Bakso malang enggal (meatball dish that is simply divine), this place alone will have foodies hanging out in Bandung much longer than they had initially planned.