Explore Amazing Glasgow This Summer


Summertime is an amazing time for travelers to experience places that may lack in perfection during the rest of the year due to colder, dreary days and chilly nights. Among these types of places is the beautiful Glasgow, which shines the most during the summer months.

If you’re planning on visiting Glasgow, Scotland this coming summer or the next, you’ll find during your research that there are tons of things to do and see throughout the city, which will easily keep you busy for days on end. But before you venture into the city, you’ll first want to fly into the nearby Glasgow airport and then take a Blacklane airport transfer into town. Then you’ll be free to explore the town as you wish, and to visit some of the exciting attractions listed below.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Newly reopened in 2006, this art gallery and museum is one of Scotland’s most popular attractions with lots to see. Open 7 days a week and offering free admission, visitors will find a shop and a cafe along with lots of different galleries and sights to see.

Riverside Museum

Home to over 3,000 different objects, the Riverside Museum is a great visit for those who love viewing and learning more about the past history of whatever place they’re visiting. Here you’ll find skateboards, locomotives, paintings, velocipedes, vintage cars, prams and much, much more. Because of all that this particular museum is, you’ll also find that it is a great visit for all ages. Even though you can freely walk around the museum on your own, there are guided tours available as well, making it so that you can learn even more.

Glasgow Botanic

Found in the West End of Glasgow and managed by the Glasgow City Council, the Glasgow Botanic is a beautiful garden that invites visitors from around the world to come in and enjoy its fruitful labor. Here visitors will find flowers of different colors and designs, making for a photo opportunity at every single turn. In fact, there are various different plant collections to view, some of which are located outside in grand designs that you can walk around while others are placed in several different greenhouses where you can literally walk underneath them as you take pictures. If you’re visiting with a large group or your family, this is one of the best attractions you can go to, as they welcome all ages and are pretty kid friendly.

Glasgow Cathedral

An amazing sight that you just have to visit, the Glasgow Cathedral holds a wealth of history alongside amazing beauty that’s hard to describe. Though its beauty is worth the visit alone, there are also various events and ceremonies you can attend if you wish to. These include the Cathedral Organ, the Cathedral Choir and a rather large festival. The cathedral itself was built back in 1136 during the age of King David I. For more than 800 years this cathedral has stood the test of time, and offers a regular and active congregation every week. Visitors are welcome here anytime.