Tips For Getting Tickets to an Event at the Best Price


Finding tickets to your favorite event is easy. The hard part is finding tickets at a good price, one that you can afford without having to take out a loan or sign up for a new credit card. Even though this may seem impossible, there are a few great ways to not only buy cheap tickets but good seats as well. Interested in learning more? Keep reading for our tips on how to get tickets to an event at the best possible price.

Promo Codes

One of the best ways to save on concert and event tickets is through seat geek promo codes. Through this website you’ll find tons of promo codes and coupons. Keep in mind that these codes do change, meaning that once you find a deal you like, you should jump on it before it’s gone.

Newsletters and mailing lists

A great way to score some cheap tickets is through both newsletters and mailing lists. This is because subscribers are the ones who will get access to pre-sale and on sale tickets before the general public to your favorite shows and sporting events. Generally this time frame is brief however, meaning that you don’t want to wait a week to open up your email.

Use Amazon Prime

If you’ve got an Amazon Prime subscription, you’re in luck. If you don’t, then you should get one right away. Though you do have to pay a yearly rate for the service, you’ll find that it is easily worth it due to all the features it offers. When it comes to tickets however, you’ll find that you have exclusive access to Amazon Tickets (an on-line ticket service) a full 24 hours before a general sale. This means that you gain access to cheap tickets long before anyone else.

It gets even better! Members not only have access to sale tickets before the general public, but they also have access to New Luxury Amazon Lounges and premium seating options.

Buy straight from the venue

Another way to save big is to purchase your ticket straight from the venue instead of through a third party. This saves you money because you’ll be paying the venue directly, rather then paying booking costs in addition to the ticket fee itself. If you play our cards right, this method could save you a big 10 to 15 percent.

Avoid concert tickets for the first night

If you’re going to a concert or a show that is planning to last more than one night, then your best bet is to buy a ticket for any of the nights outside of opening night. This is because opening night tickets are generally more expensive, sometimes even, they’re super expensive compared to the other nights.

Buy weekday tickets

Much like opening night, weekend concert tickets tend to be more expensive as well. This is because they’re a lot more popular than weekday nights as most people prefer to spend their weekend dancing away.