The Poker Etiquette

There are many rules of Poker Etiquette to follow

A player makes a bet that the value of his or her hand is higher than that of the hands of other players involved – a rule that all must know when poker is mentioned. They must either raise the bet or leave, and the player with the greatest hand at the end of the bet wins the pot. Here are some rules to follow when playing this fun game

Basic Poker Rules

1. Never ‘slowroll’

Slow rolling is a word used to explain how a player waits for a time before showing the winning card at a game. If a person knows that he or she has the winning hand then it is better they lay their cards down on the table for all opponents to see. Instead of waiting for every player to show their losing cards first.

2. Please do not speak about your card in between a game play

By discussing the cards in your hand, you are manipulating the course of play of that exact hand. Even if you are no longer part of the game, you should cease from speaking about the cards that were given to you while you were involved. It is called a bad poker etiquette because the card you were dealt with might influence or have impacted the way the hand develops or changes the dynamics of the game. As some players may be paying more attention to the cards you are holding.

3. Never splash the pot

Throwing the pot is when you make a bet or raise and splash the chips recklessly through the centre of the table. This is a bad poker etiquette because it makes the size of the pot difficult to calculate and most of all, it will look strange to the dealer and winning player.

4. Never twine bet

This process is when you make a raise and go back and forth from your chip stack to place it into the pot. This will cause problems because players will proceed to act due to your actions because the stack of chips that you already put into the pot was your total ‘raise’ and they will make their move on the hand.

5. Don’t play when it is not your turn

Always be more attentive and wait for the ‘play’ to get to you.

Trying Your Hand With The Free Games

You are familiar with self-control rules already and decided to play a game. As a beginner, it is advised that you first play slots and poker online for free, just for you to be more comfortable with the game. A very important factor of etiquette is that you must know how to play a game well before you can decide to play for money. You can visit to find new bonus slot at 777 spin slot portal with no registration needed in the UK just to get more familiar with online games.

From the guidelines given above it is advisable to study more and get used to the etiquette before deciding to play poker.