The Biggest Racing Events in 2016

The Kentucky Derby is one of the biggest racing events in 2016 ... photo by CC user juniorvelo on Flickr

Looking for some of the biggest racing events in 2016? The following events listed below rank of some of the most significant horse racing events on the calendar in this coming year.

From the world’s best steeplechase racers at the Grand National, to a race that cause the entire nation to stop in its tracks, the world of horse racing is one that will intrigue you from the first moment you investigate its eccentricities.

The Grand National

One of the most important horse races of the year in the United Kingdom is the Grand National, as it attracts a lot of attention at the beginning of the year. Occurring around Saint Patrick’s Day, many horse racing fans from Ireland make the trip across the Irish Sea to take in this race in person, which makes for a festive atmosphere.

While there is a purse that is almost worth 2 million US dollars, this race has more prestige in the fact that it is one of the best regarded steeplechase races not only in the British Isles, but in the world.

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The Kentucky Derby

Across the pond in the United States of America, the most well known horse race and the first leg in the Triple Crown series is none other than the Kentucky Derby. Dubbed as the most exciting two minutes in sports, it is the biggest day in equestrian sports in this entire nation.

While there are many events in Louisville that are built around this festival, you can get into the spirit of this horse race if you aren’t there in person by having a mint julep as you watch it on TV. Look it up how to make it online, and enjoy!

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

While the United Kingdom is a hotbed of horse racing, France has its own prestigious horse race known as the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe.

With the total prize pool exceeding 5 million US dollars, this event attract some of the best horse and rider combos in the entire world. As horse races go, only the Dubai World Cup exceeds it in the richness of its prize pool.

Melbourne Cup

While the money on the line isn’t as abundant as what you can find in France or in the United Arab Emirates, there is no other horse race in the world that has a hypnotizing effect on the populace quite like the Melbourne Cup.

Indeed, there is a reason why this race is called “the race that stops a nation”. In the state of Victoria, the day that the race is held is a bank holiday, and in other states of Australia, many employers give their employees the day off early on the day of the race.

While they cannot compete with some of the bigger players in the world in total prize pool, it is known as the world’s richest race for horses running two mile handicaps, making for some compelling drama when the main race of the day is run.