Internet dating – how to chat online

Learning how to chat online can help improve your internet dating success ... photo by CC user 23905174@N00 on Flickr

Photo by CC user 23905174@N00 on Flickr 

The dating landscape has been reshaped by the technologies of the internet, which make meeting new people much easier than ever before. Now that we can speak to strangers by using internet text chat, audio chat and video chat, it makes it easier for us to know people before deciding to meet up with them for a date. But of course, just because we can talk online doesn’t mean that we can say anything, and as such it is important to know how to speak, what to say and not to say online.

Take the time before becoming intimate

The first thing to acknowledge is that just because we are speaking to someone via the internet doesn’t mean our behaviour should be any different than when we are talking face to face. This is especially true when we meet a person online for the first time. Whilst this might seem like a logical thing to do when it comes to traditional online dating, it can also be applied to people when they decide to meet potential partners on an adult naughty chat site. It might be tempting for some to start using sex lingo and dirty words, but the best thing to do is for people to take their time and introduce themselves in an informative and friendly way. Then maybe we can start getting intimate overtime and talk about more private matters.

Cameras and microphones can record

One of the main advantages of online dating is the ability to use video calls as a way to discover each other. Whilst this makes it easier to talk and to see each other physically, it is important once again to use our common sense and not do something intimate in front of the camera on our first conversation with a new person. Ultimately, until we know we can trust that person, they could be recording that conversation and they could use the fact that we did something naughty in front of the camera as a way to extort money out of us. This sounds extreme but there are a lot of scammers out there looking at exploiting other people’s weaknesses, so let’s not provide those people with any ammunition they can use against us.

Personal details

This is a very important point, you should not give away any personal details such as your address / phone number / bank details to anyone you have just met online. Whilst this might seem logic to most, it is easy to slip in a few unwanted details into a conversation. Just to be clear not everyone online is out there to get you, but privacy and safety online is a very important issue, even more in our modern days where the internet can impact our everyday lives.

A brief summary

When we are looking for a date, we often act in an emotional way, which is why some people make errors when speaking online. They key thing to remember is to keep our wits with us and to use as much logical thinking as possible. Keeping our heads together will prevent us from saying something we might later regret so let’s just make sure we can control ourselves. Ultimately, this will not only stop us from making errors, but it will also help us to choose the partner which is right for us.