How to Make Your Wedding and Honeymoon Lovely and Cost Effective

Here are ideas for having a great wedding at a cost effective price. Use one or all of these ideas where you can save money but not sacrifice quality.

The Wedding

Make it beautiful but not necessarily expensive by really shopping for all of the elements needed. This begins of course with the location for your wedding. You should shop for where you want to spend your money to be married. Speak with churches, public places and private ones as well and look to push them on price and access to the location. It is not only the lowest cost location that you should select, but also how much time they give you at the location to have your wedding and do all of the set up needed can make a big difference in finding the right place to get married. Strike a balance and negotiate hard.

You should also shop for where you shop for mother of the bride dresses. The best choice to purchase this type of dress is online thee days.

You should also be selective about where and how you purchase the  groom’s tuxedo and the bride’s wedding gown. There are many low cost and high quality places that sell wedding clothing. For the groom look for men’s suit stores that focus on wedding attire. Shop at several stores and set a price that you look to be met. Putting in the time will get you a great suit within your budget.

In terms of women’s gowns, there are online shops selling cheap wedding dresses that are both high quality and made with great fabrics. By shopping online the bride will have a larger selection and also save lots of money.

The Reception

The reception is a time for family and friends to have a wonderful meal together and celebrate the new couple. The married couple is introduced for the first time as husband and wife and everyone applauds and shows their joy. This is followed by toasts from the family and close friends about the couple. There are other festivities that happen including the throwing of the bouquet, the first dance, and lots of drinking. The reception is as much for the couple as it is for the guests.

In order to save money on your reception, consider holding it at a friend’s home or in a less expensive venue. Many city locations are available including beaches and parks for wedding receptions. Inquiring about these locations can save you lots of money.

The Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is all about spending quality time with your new significant other. If your budget is tight consider postponing your honeymoon or staying in a location close to your home. This will help you to save money on airfares and local hotels might give you a special deal with they know that you just got married. You can check out to find the best vacation packages.

Although this may not seem as romantic as a two week stay in the Bahamas, the honeymoon is really about the bride and groom and not as much about the location. Make the best of what you can with the budget that you have available and you will certainly have a great time together.