Head To Your Winter Vacation Wearing A Breezy New Swimsuit  

In the past, finding swimsuits for plus-size women seemed like a nearly impossible chore, with some brands offering only a few options, and most brands ignoring plus sizes altogether. But due to increasing public acceptance and the rise of plus-size models like Tess Holliday that promote body positivity, it’s never been easier to find attractive swimsuits that fit women of any size. Every woman deserves to feel good about herself, and a flattering swimsuit can give her that boost of confidence that she needs to turn heads.


With so many styles on the market, the options for plus-size women are just about limitless. The tankini is a modern style that combines coverage with sex appeal for a flattering, form-fitting look similar to a one-piece. The Tankini is the best of both the flashy and comfy worlds — perfect for those who want the two piece, but don’t feel like showing their tummy or back areas. One benefit of the tankini is that there is a little more movement as it is not a solid one piece suit. Tankinis often come as a tank and bottom underwear style, shorts or skorts.

The Benefits of Ordering Online
But despite all these new options and fashions, many department stores have yet to start carrying plus-size swimwear. For these reasons, it’s much easier to search for fashionable and affordable swimsuits for women online rather than browsing the limited selection at a local retail store, especially since so many websites carry exclusive lines of plus-size swimwear that can’t be found anywhere else, with unique looks and affordable prices. Some sites even cater exclusively to plus-size women. The amount of choices online just can’t be compared to the selection at retail stores, which usually limit their plus-size swimwear to a single shelf or rack.

A Fun Shopping Experience Any Time of the Year
Ordering online is also a great option for women who need swimsuits out-of-season, like a trip to the Bahamas in the middle of winter. Most retail stores don’t break out the swimsuits until early spring, but online retailers sell swimsuits throughout the year. Most online stores also have the option of fast shipping, so women don’t have to wait long for their swimsuit to arrive. They might even find special deals and discounts that they wouldn’t find at a retail store. And online stores are simply easier to shop than department stores — with no long lines, crowded departments, missing inventory, or messy shelves.

Finding the Best Swimwear Deals Online
For women searching for the best swimwear deals online, consider a retailer like swimsuitsforall thatoffers a wide range of plus-size swimsuits in just about every size, color, and style, from bikinis to one-pieces to swimdresses. The website is currently offering 30% off everything in the store, making it a great time to browse the hottest styles and invest in swimwear for a winter vacation or the upcoming beach season.