The true cost of online dating


People know about online dating, or at least most of us are familiar with the concept of it. You go on a website, create your dating profile and you get to contact other singles to see if they are interested in dating you; sounds simple enough. However one thing that isn’t quite so well explained is the financial aspect of it; in other words: how much do we need to pay when we date online? The truth is that it’s not so expensive, you just need to know where to look and what to expect from dating websites.

Free dating sites?

You probably see a lot of dating sites which are advertising as being free; but it is often not the truth. However it does not mean that you have to pay for everything, in fact most decent dating sites will let you join for free. They just limit the amount of things you can do; a little bit like a free trial. Most sites will allow you to take a look without paying; that way if you like what you see then you can pay a subscription fee to get the ball rolling. This is often the case across the board, whether you’re looking for a committed relationship or you’re just looking for local nsa sex contacts to have a bit of naughty fun. Bottom line is that no site is ever totally free; they all offer a service so it’s normal that they get paid after all.

Pay to contact people

This is often the point where you will have to pay a fee. After you’ve looked around and you like the member’s profiles then you will have to pay to contact them. It’s not so bad really, imagine a nightclub where the entrance is free and you only pay if you walk out with a lady; that would be quite cool wouldn’t it? Let’s be honest though, it is a tactic used because there are now so many dating sites that the competition is strong so they have to entice you the best way they can. Competition is healthy and that is definitely true about online dating. If it was only a few sites then they would hold a monopoly and you would probably have to pay to even join in. More dating websites makes it more confusing to choose but it is healthier for the consumer.

Dating will always cost something

You can’t expect to meet up for a date and not have to pay for anything. Generally people meet up in a café, a restaurant or even the cinema; either of those will cost money. Even when people just decide to go for adult dating they still have to pay for a hotel room; so ultimately you will have to fork out something. Love shouldn’t be associated with money but the reality is that it often is. When people get married they still feel it is right to buy a ring which cost a few months’ worth of their salaries. Now it’s true that you could reduce costs if you just want to take your date out on a nature walk; and that will be fine as long as your partner enjoys that too. But ultimately dating will always cost something, it’s just been made a bit cheaper thanks to the internet.