Custom Boat Builders Blending Modern Materials With Historical Designs

Custom Boat Builders Blending Modern Materials With Historical Designs is a new trend in the shipbuilding industry
Photo by CC user Jgpitre on English Wikipedia

If you are looking for a custom-built boat, there are a few options that you can consider. First, you could try to do it yourself if you have the knowledge, tools and skills. Or, you could investigate a “semi-custom” option, which would involve using standard molds for the hulls and decks, but being able to customize certain aspects. However, if you want a truly one-of-a-kind boat, then you need to find a top-notch custom building like Steve Sorensen’s Gig Harbor Boat Works.

There are lots of excellent boat builders out there that service those into one of the greatest sports out there, but what sets Gig Harbor Boat Works apart is their commitment to building modern reproductions of boat designs from the 18th-early 20th centuries. These boats are from an era before motors, and are designed to be rowed or propelled by wind rather than motors. Although using modern technology and materials, such as fiberglass hulls, Gig Harbor boats are designed to move quickly and easily under the power of a rower or a strong wind. They can be fitted with motors if needed, but rather than giving into the modern flat bottom designed intended to support weight of a motor when a boat is not moving, Gig Harbor reproductions honor the tradition of narrow or raised transom designs so that the boat can move through the water with minimal friction.

Another design element that the Gig Harbor team integrates into their traditional approach to building boats meant to be rowed is the rounded rather than flat bottom. It may appear that a flat bottom boat is more stable, whereas a rounded design may feel more “tippy.” However, as fishermen from centuries past understood, the flat bottom boat was far more likely to capsize in rough water, while the round bottom boat is better able to move with the water, and actually becomes more stable rather than less.

Gig Harbor Boat Works builds boats meant to be used in a variety of ways – where most boats are built for one purpose, Gig Harbor boats are designed and built to be rowed, sailed stored and worked. For this reason, they are very careful not to cut corners for aesthetic or production reasons. Each part of every boat is crafted using the best materials and time-tested techniques.

Gig Harbor boats can be customized in many different ways – there are a number of base models to choose from with sailing or rowing options. There are also a number of options that are permanent elements of the boat (including structural features), and then a full range of accessories that can be easily changed or updated at a later date.

Gig Harbor Boat Works produces about 100 boats a year for customers all around the world, and their boats have been used to set records in various races including the Trans-Atlantic race.

So, if you are in the market for a custom boat that blends historically proven designs with modern materials and dedicated craftsmanship, be sure to check out Gig Harbor Boat Works.