How to Look After Your Teeth Better

Nobody likes a visit to the dentist, in fact the polar opposite, and providing that your teeth are healthy then a simple annual checkup with the scary men in white coats will be sufficient. If however, you fail to look after your teeth then you can expect to hear a lot of drilling noises and needles the next time you head to the dentist.


In order to avoid a trip to the dentist, or at least more trips than required, it is important that you care for your teeth and keep them in good condition. Doing so will not only help you to avoid the dentist but also give you great confidence with your smile and here are some ways in which you can better care for your teeth, be confident and avoid the dentist.

Regular Brushing

Despite being incredibly simple, there are a worrying number of people who simply don’t brush their teeth with regularity and end up in the dentist’s chair as a result. You should be brushing your teeth every morning and night and when doing so you should spend time on ensuring that you are doing the job right. Brushing in circular motions is how you should be cleaning your teeth, this is the best way to remove the plaque and food that has been built up. When it comes to your toothbrush you should also be looking at replacing it every 3 months to ensure that you are cleaning with a ¬†clean brush and not one that is full of bacteria that could actually end up dirtying your teeth more than cleaning them.

Stop Smoking

If you’re a smoker then you should be looking at giving up as soon as you possibly can, along with the many health problems that smoking can cause, they can have a very adverse effect on your teeth with potential problems like stained teeth, thinning teeth and cancers such as mouth, gum and throat. If your finding smoking difficult to give up then look at other options such as vaping, a practice that is nearly identical to smoking except without the clear dangers that cigarettes present to your teeth and mouth. There are of different ways of vaping available to you with different flavors, machines, styles, vape mods and nicotine strengths to choose from.

Cut Out The Damage

It is not just smoking that can damage your teeth but also things like sugar and alcohol. Sugar sits on the teeth and can cause the removal of enamel, it sticks to the teeth and when it is removed it takes the enamel with it. You should try to brush regularly after eating sugary snacks. Alcohol can also damage and stain the teeth, too much of it can cause gum problems as well that can lead to disease and thinning teeth. Some forms of alcohol such as red wine can also stain the teeth leaving blackish marks on the tooth, this is not necessarily unhealthy but can lead to you losing confidence in your smile. If you want to avoid any unnecessary trips to the dentist then sugar and alcohol should be managed carefully.