Why Paris Is a Great Vacation Spot For Families

The French capital Paris is renowned as the city of love, of art and of high fashion and style, all of the above is  true but what often isn’t spoken about is how great a city Paris is for families with children of any age. I have lived in Paris for around 3 years now and experienced everything that the city has to offer. I would never have put Paris down for a city which would be so great for kids until last year when my brother came to stay with me with his two children aged 5 and 7. WE had an amazing time together and the kids absolutely loved it, so much so that they want to come back. If you are like I was and think that Paris isn’t a place for kids then here is what changed my mind and why this city is in actual fact, perfect for families.



Disneyland in Florida and California can make for an expensive trip so why not go for a family holiday to Disneyland Paris. The theme park here is by no means a pretender to the throne which the American versions sit on and any family will absolutely love France’s Disneyland. The theme park is absolutely huge and it provides all of the magic which is expected from a Disney theme park. There are ever-changing themes in the park and the rides will suit all ages, kids will love it and adults can bring out their inner children in this wonderful theme park.

The Sights

I’ll be completely honest, I had never really considered the landmarks of Paris when I was putting together an itinerary for my brother’s family. I had however decided to take a trip down the River because I thought the kids would enjoy that experience. As we floated downstream however and started going past the Eiffel Tower and the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the kids were transfixed and couldn’t wait to go and see them up close.

Bus Tour

We took the open-top bus tour throughout the city and the kids had an absolute blast, not only did they love being on the bus itself but they couldn’t stop pointing and shouting at the things that they saw as they passed. This was a great idea not only so that my brother and his wife could see the best of Paris, but the kids had a great deal of fun too. The best bit about this trip is that you can hop on and off the bus whenever you like so if the kids get bored or want to see something up close, you can jump off and take a break.

The Museums

Almost all of the museums in Paris, even the ones which appear quite snooty, are incredible child friendly and most of them have special sections for kids and learning zones where they can have some fun and further their knowledge. From art to science, you can see some of the best exhibits in the World and ensure that your kids still have a great time.