Pocket Guide for Cruise Ship Holidays

Planning your cruise ship holiday can be fun and educational. You can also be flexible on the activities you want to do while on a cruise ship. You can dress casually or dress up for dinner.  Taking cruise ship holidays gives you options to level up your holiday or simply relax and enjoy.


Here are some tips to get most out of your cruise ship adventure:

  • Be there the night before you ship off

Like airplanes, when you’re late, you’re late. The ship will sail without you. You don’t want that kind of stress, right? Solution – be there early. If you can, be there the day before you ship sails.

Why? Check your cabin and see if it’s all good. Alert the cruise staff if there is something you need. Arriving early means you can have their attention now rather than waiting for them to take care of your needs when the bulk of the passengers arrive.

You may want to check for travel insurance. Call your credit card company that you are going on a cruise and you might make purchases on the islands you visit. Calling them eliminates the risk of having your credit card charge denied due to suspicious activity.

Check your cruise’s itinerary, including arrival time, to ensure you have enough time to prepare. Scout for early bird discounts on the in-ship services.

  • Know if you are seasick

People plan cruise ship holidays without knowing if they are seasick or not. If you are predisposed to motion sickness, chances are you will be seasick.  Having seasickness doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll get wasted the whole trip.

Consult the ship’s doctors for possible remedies. If this doesn’t help much, try to book a cabin that it located midship. Better yet, consult your cruise ship operator for cabins for people with motion sickness. They can recommend the best cabin for you.

  • Pack clothes for formal occasion

One fun activity on a cruise is the choice of dressing up or dressing down. It allows you to mingle with different people with diverse background and experience. Pack at least one formal wear with you, better have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

  • Keep your onboard costs down

You don’t have to splurge or spend much while onboard. Your all-inclusive fare will cover your meals and accommodation, as well as entertainment. You will be given a card that acts as your boarding pass, spending card, and cabin key. Be careful not to lose this.

Make a budget and try to keep your expenses within your budget. Alcohol, soft drinks, and water can be purchased as an add-on. Pro tip – bring bottled water with you when you embark and refill this with water from the water fountains or from inside your cabin.

Internet and phone calls cost are astronomical. So unless it’s super urgent and critical, wait until you are near the coast to use your roaming service instead. Or you can buy an international prepaid card to use when you are in port.

Plan your cruise ship holiday ahead of time, Allow yourself to be acquainted with your ship’s destinations. Know the culture of each destination. Knowing their culture can make you appreciate the local attractions more. Know beforehand if you need vaccinations or booster shots before going away. Preparation and planning can make your holiday a success.