Services Expected of a Professional Caregiver

A professional caregiver performs many essential services

When hiring a care giver, you need to make sure that you have properly vetted the options. You are entrusting the life of a loved one to a stranger. Therefore, you must get only the best possible service. You might also ask this person to stay in your house as a live in caregiver. You can’t just count on any stranger to help you out.

In searching for a professional caregiver, you need to identify what services you expect to be given.

Physical assistance

This is a very extensive service. It means that the caregiver will be there every step of the way; from feeding the patient to checking their vital signs every now and then. If the patient cannot walk or is already disabled, extra care must be given for bathing and toilet needs.

Gentle companionship

This is a must for any caregiver. They are not just expected to provide physical assistance, but to serve as a companion for the patient. There are elderly patients who are not necessarily disabled. They just don’t have anyone to talk to. The entire family might be busy for different reasons. Therefore, the caregiver must be there to be a friend. It is important to talk to the patient. If the patient can’t talk, the caregiver must still keep talking and sharing great stories, as a friend would usually do to ensure their pal’s mental health.

Encourage the patient

Though these patients need help, the truth is that they don’t want to feel useless. Therefore, they must be encouraged to do most of tasks, as much as possible. They should not be treated like totally disabled people who can’t help themselves. Positive reinforcement is also a must. They need to feel appreciated. Most of all, they need to feel loved.

Do light tasks at home

Aside from taking care of the patient, live in care means that the caregiver should provide some cooking, shopping and cleaning services. This is expected since the caregiver is staying in the patient’s home. However, it should be made clear that caregivers are not housekeepers. Their main focus is the patient. If they have enough time for other chores, then they can be of help.

It is not easy finding a caregiver. There is a huge demand, but the supply is limited. This is why you need to partner with caregiving agencies. They have a pool of caregivers. You can contact them to ask for a high quality care giver. You can also discuss the details before finalizing the deal. For more information on how to get the best care giver for the job, you can check out

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