Which Suit Colour Should You Choose?

Which Suit Colour Should You Choose

Men’s suits come in various styles and colours, and deciding which one to buy can be difficult. Some people like to stick with the same colour and style for their whole lives, whereas others like to have a variety in their wardrobes. If you have to wear a suit for work, for example, it’s nice to have a selection of colours to choose from each morning. Here are the main colours you will come across when choosing a suit and which ones you should choose for different occasions.


Outside of the traditional colours for men’s suits, checked suits are very popular. While not recommended for black tie events and job interviews, it’s certainly a good idea to have something a little different in your wardrobe. Checked suits for men are very common, and they come in their own styles and shades. You can buy suits with obvious checked patterns, or buy some with more subtle patterns that don’t stand out too much.


The traditional and commonly seen black suit is a firm favourite with most guys, and even if you don’t particularly enjoy wearing a black suit, it’s a staple to have in your wardrobe. Black is traditionally worn to funerals, and unfortunately most of us will have to attend a few of these during our lives. Shopping last minute for a suit, especially when you’re grieving the death of a loved one, can be difficult, so having one already makes this task a little easier. However, black isn’t only for funerals – it can be worn for weddings, to the office, at a black tie event and for many other occasions, so it’s a great all-rounder. You should choose black suits carefully, since


Navy is often mistaken for black, especially if it’s a very warm navy blue. Navy can look a little less harsh than black, making it arguably the most popular suit colour for many different occasions. It’s a hot choice for weddings, particularly for the groom and the best man, and wearing navy to a job interview can be more casual than wearing a black suit. For junior positions or starter jobs, looking too formal for an interview can be a bad thing, which is where your navy suit will come in handy!


Like the other colours, which are, popular in suits, grey comes in a variety of different shades. Pale grey is a warm colour, which works well for suits, but many men prefer the darker shades of grey when choosing a suit for work or a special occasion. In many cases, grey isn’t a colour, which should be worn for work, although darker greys can work well. Grey is usually worn by wedding guests or guests at dinner parties and other special occasions. If you are holding a meeting or a speech and you want to look extra smart, a grey suit is a good style choice. Lighter greys are good to wear during spring and summer when the weather is warmer and dark colours will be too hot. If you want a grey suit but you’re not sure about the shade, go for a medium grey (Cambridge grey), which has the perfect balance.