Sexy costume ideas for 2016!

Looking for some Sexy costume ideas?
Photo by CC user xubangwen on Flickr

With the summer of 2016 wrapping up, Halloween is just around the corner. Heck, even grocery stores are already stocking Halloween candy in anticipation of this fun holiday. It will be here before you know it, so don’t leave your costume planning to the last minute.

If you aren’t confident in your creativity, don’t worry, as we have plenty of suggestions that will make you the center of attention. In that spirit, check out our suggestions for sexy costume ideas below…

1) Cute schoolgirl

There is no sexy Halloween costume quite like the cute schoolgirl. If you ever went to a high school or private institution where uniforms were required, you know what we mean. Never has a tartaned skirt looked so ravishing.

If you want to make all the school boys out there do double takes at your upcoming party, purchasing sexy Halloween costumes such as this one will do the trick. All your friends will be giving you jealous glances all night, as virtually all the attention from every eligible bachelor in the room will be on you.

2) Sizzling hot cop

This costume option is unisex, with models for sale that will have both men and women looking hot. From the chromatic aviator sunglasses, straight down to the low cut shorts and the nightstick on your waist (that is a nightstick … right?), you will look equal parts intimidating and sexy as you stroll into the party.

3) The Bride in Kill Bill 1

If there’s a movie scene that every 20 and 30-something remembers, it was the fateful showdown at the House of Blue Leaves in the movie Kill Bill 1.

Clad in yellow leather bike racing suit, Uma Thurman, who was playing The Bride in this movie, proceeded to hack and slash her way through O-Ren Ishii’s mercenaries, all while looking good in the process.

4) Sexy nurse

If there is one sexy Halloween costume that always retained its popularity from one year to the next, it is undoubtedly the sexy nurse costume.

Online retailers have a wide variety of costumes that will do this genre justice, so take a long, lazy afternoon to peruse through the many options available, and pick one that calls out to you.