What are the Best Sports to Bet Online on

Sports betting has never been bigger than it is right now, thanks to the internet and the emergence of online gambling there is huge competition in the industry when it comes to online betting sites. You can find the best sites for you at www.bestbetting-sites.com, there is a huge range and the amount of markets on which you can now bet is staggering. If you are a sports fan then you can  be sure that there is a online market for your favorite event and plenty of opportunities to win some money gambling on the sport you love. Some sports are easier to bet on when it comes to your increasing your chances of success and here are the top sports where you should be putting your cash.



Of all the sports to bet on, soccer sees more transactions daily than any other, this is in part due to the huge amount of games that take place daily and also as a result of the amount of markets available to bet on. When it comes to a soccer game you can place bets on anything from winning team, how many corners/throw ins, who will score, how many goals will be scored and even down to what color shirt a team will wear, the opportunities are endless. Something else that has helped soccer become such a huge sport for gambling is the in-play markets, being able to place bets whilst the game is being played.

Horse Racing

The sport that really put betting on the map is still a great place to gamble, the internet has meant that those who like a bet, have access to horse races from all over the World whether it be Ireland or Argentina. Horse racing is one sport where you really need to know your stuff, it is vital that if you want to gamble on horse racing that you have done plenty of research into your horses and analyzed as much data as possible. Unlike soccer for example, with horse racing there are a limited amount of bets which mean a limited amount of outcomes so you need to be sure of your selections. Horse racing can often provide far greater returns than other sports as the odds are higher on average than most.


Online gambling has brought far more sports into the industry, in previous years, placing bets on tennis for example wasn’t easy to do, you could pick winners of a tournament in betting shops but little else. Now however, tennis is a great sport to gamble on, it often throws up surprises which give you a great chance to win with some sizable odds. Try to avoid betting on the big competitions, this is usually where the big players turn up, focus instead on the regular, smaller competitions like the ATP tour for more chances to win. The sheer amount of tennis that takes place daily combined with the many markets available for you to bet on makes tennis one of the best sports where you should be gambling your money.