Are Video Games a Form of Gambling?

Are Video Games a Form of Gambling?
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When this question was first posed in the early 1990s it was looked upon with ridicule from almost all sectors of society. Gambling at that time was an activity that had clear guidelines and was easily distinguishable. Even the term “Amusement with Prizes” could only be used to define gambling games. Now that line that used to be so visible is just a blur. Are video games a form of gambling? Maybe it is time to revisit that question and answer it as honestly as our consciences will allow us to.

Similarities Between Video Game and Casino Games

In both video games and casino games the objective of the player is the same, to achieve as much as possible in the time spent playing. This has been known to lead to extended and even unhealthy amounts of time being spent playing by players of both types of games. This was the basic argument when this question was first raised, that the behaviour of video game players is very similar to that of casino players.

As time has passed it has become more difficult to distinguish the two types of games. Now casino games also save the progress of players in very much the same way that is done on video games. Top Australian Casinos – Top Aus Casinos are world leaders when it comes to casino games. The social impacts of both are almost the same. Individuals become addicted to the game. The addiction leads to disruption of the family. Excessive amounts of time spent alone playing have been shown to promote anti-social behaviour.

Differences Between Video Games And Casino Games

The most obvious difference between the two activities is in the score keeping. Players of video games use points to keep score whereas in casino games real money is used to keep score. For most people this is the most important difference.

Another difference that is commonly sighted is the placing of a wager. In most video games, players are not required to place a wager on the outcome of the game. You can also visit for free and real money online games.

This issue will remain unresolved for many years as interested parties will continue to look for new evidence to support their point of view. However, it is always up to the individual to let their internal guidance system lead them to where their bliss is.