How to Improve Your Skills as a Guitarist

Playing the guitar is something that many of us would love to do, before I learned, I can’t tell you how many times I was in awe whenever someone picked up an acoustic at a gathering and started playing a section of songs. It was always made to look ridiculously easy and every time I tried, I simply couldn’t get it. I always put obstacles up, saying things like ‘you have to be born with the ability,’ or ‘my fingers are a different shape’ and other such ridiculous nonsense. I then changed my approach somewhat and I am now what I would call a competent guitarist, I can play a few tunes, enough for a gathering and I’m improving every day.


If you want to learn how to play the guitar or take your ability to the next level then here are some tips to help you out.


It may sound ridiculous but at least an hour or two of daily practice is essential if you want to improve, don’t think that you can pick it up once or twice a week and expect to play like Hendrix any time soon, you can’t. Even the best still practice religiously, I watched an interview with Slash recently who has a fear that if he doesn’t put in 3 to 4 hours at least per day that he will suddenly forget how to play, this is the type of ethos you should have.

Use the Internet

Guitar lessons aren’t to be discouraged but they can become costly if you want one on one tutoring. A far better idea then is that you use the internet to learn where there is loads of free help including videos with guides and tricks to help you play better. The Tom Hess Music Corporation is one such way in which you can learn to play better, metal guitarist Tom Hess has had both a successful career in bands such as Rhapsody of Fire and as a teacher and has helped thousands learn the craft, he can help you too.

Use Applications

There are some outstanding phone applications that you can download to really help you with your playing ability. You can download music apps that will give you background music or a drum rhythm to help you stay in time and there are also apps with thousands of pieces of guitar tablature for you to follow. These apps make learning and playing incredibly easy whether you are learning the most recent pop song or some blues licks to keep your fingers moving.

Try to Play With Others

If you have any family or friends who play guitar then practice with them, jamming is an art and one that you can get better at the more you do it. You can also learn a great deal from others who play, perhaps a song or a lick or even a different style of finger picking, it can all help you out on your journey to master the guitar.