Don’t Let a Legal Allegation Define You


With just one claim of sexual assault, your life could be turned upside down in the flick of an eye.

That said you don’t have to fight the allegation alone. In fact, you can have someone on your side ready and willing to defend you from start to finish.

By turning to the right criminal defense attorney, you stand a better chance of not only fighting the allegations, but throwing them by the wayside.

When it comes to hiring the best sexual assault attorney, are you going to make the right choice?

Defend Yourself and Your Character

In choosing the best sexual assault attorney, make it clear that you plan to fight for your life, a life that could be seriously altered in the event you are convicted.

So that you can choose the best criminal defense attorney, where do you begin?

First and foremost, you want someone willing to go to bat for you, even in cases where the evidence against you looks daunting. He or she must be willing to take whatever they have to work with and make a strong defense case out of it. They also need to be willing to work on the best plea deal possible if it comes down to that. At the end of the day, your criminal defense lawyer needs to go above and beyond your expectations in assisting you.

From your vantage point, do you feel like you’ve been framed and/or the evidence does not support the allegations? If so, what evidence do you have on your side to refute what the alleged victim or victims are claiming?

Having character witnesses on your side, evidence to show you truly were not responsible for what is alleged and having a clean record all prove important.

If you thought you’ve dodged a few bullets in the past, getting out from under a sexual assault allegation may be your biggest challenge yet.

Building Your Case

In order for there to be serious doubt that you sexually assaulted someone, you need to have conclusive evidence to present to your lawyer. This includes:

  • Eyewitnesses – For starters, can you produce one or more credible witnesses, witnesses that can clearly state (and without perjuring themselves) you were nowhere near where the alleged assault took place? If so, this individual or these individuals should get with your legal team as soon as possible. By getting their sworn statements, you can then begin to build your defense case;
  • DNA – In today’s world of technology, DNA continues to grow and grow, especially in legal matters. If it can be proven that your DNA was nowhere near the alleged victim or victims, your case gains credibility;
  • False accusations – Although it is not the norm, some people come forward claiming sexual assault due to a relationship ending and/or jealousy of there being another person involved. Does the alleged victim have any past history of making false accusations? If so, your legal team needs to be made aware of this as soon as possible.

What Do You Have to Lose?

Given how even a sexual assault claim alone can change your life for years to come, take it extremely seriously.

Remember, both your personal and professional lives are on the line when serious accusations such as these are put forth.

On the personal side, even a single sexual assault claim can change relationships with those closest to you for years, perhaps even forever. People close to you may doubt you moving forward, even deciding to break off relationships altogether.

On the professional side, your current job could be endangered, not to mention the possibility of getting other positions down the road. Rightly or wrongly, even allegations that are proven to be false can linger with someone for many years to come.

Moving Forward with Your Life

In the event you do walk from a sexual assault allegation or charge, learn from the experience.

By avoiding placing yourself in compromising or even questionable positions, you can all but avoid such charges ever coming into your life again.

Lastly, learning how the courts and the legal system work is a good thing, just as long as it isn’t you on the wrong end of the outcome.