Why It’s an Ideal Choice to have a Beautiful Freestanding Bath for Your Bathroom

A freestanding bath is top-notch when it comes to aesthetic appeal, isn’t it? If you’ve ever seen a freestanding bath in a hotel, spa, or resort, it’s not so easy to forget how beautiful it makes the bathroom look. Just the mere presence of the freestanding bath transforms the room and makes it look doubly comfortable and luxurious.

But freestanding baths need not be expensive. If you’re hesitating between a freestanding bath and a regular or alcove bath because of price, you’d be happy to know that freestanding baths are more affordable than ever. You also have a range of choices in regards to style (modern or classic), size, and overall design. Here are the other reasons why freestanding baths are an ideal choice:

A unique and stylish look

Clawfoots make for a beautiful Freestanding Bath

There’s no denying the fact that a freestanding bath makes more of an impact than a standard, built-in bath. With a freestanding bath, your bathroom instantly looks more stylish and elegant, even if the bath is just placed in the corner rather than in the centre. And the fixtures of a freestanding bath look more elegant as well. You can have the taps installed in the centre of the bath, mount them on the wall, or mount them on the floor. This adds to the freestanding bath’s unique appeal.

More options when it comes to design

Most freestanding baths are placed in the centre of the bathroom to serve as an arresting focal point. But you can also decide to place your freestanding bath in one corner of the bathroom, which is also ideal if you have limited space. You can even choose to place your freestanding bath in a custom-built alcove for enhanced seclusion and a more cocoon-like feeling, or have it raised on a specially-built platform for a more luxurious and elegant look.

More options when it comes to usage

With a freestanding bath, you also have several options when it comes to usage and functionality. As mentioned, you can choose different kinds of taps and tap locations for your freestanding bath, as you aren’t just limited to the wall or the bath itself. One tip: when choosing taps and other fixtures for your beautiful freestanding bath, make sure they work well with the available space and the bath, especially since not all taps can be used on freestanding baths.

More features for a better experience

Freestanding baths also come with loads of features that can enhance and improve your overall bathing experience. Some baths are designed for a deeper bath (perfect for long periods of soaking), whilst some are single-ended and double-ended. Some come as slipper baths, with one end that is higher than the other. There are also some baths that offer additional support for the back and some which are longer and designed especially for taller individuals.

Image attributed to Jtspas.co.uk