5 essential accessories for your stair lift

Many people find it more difficult to walk up and down the stairs as they get older. But it doesn’t mean you necessarily have to downsize and move out of your home where you’ve enjoyed so many great memories. A stair lift gives you back the ability to move around freely within your own home, traveling between floors effortlessly.


If you do decide to buy a stair lift, you’ll be pleased to know that the technology has come a long way these days. Today, there are numerous accessories you can purchase to make your experience even more enjoyable and effortless, helping you to accomplish more without the need to put any strenuous effort into it.

The following five stair lift accessories are all worth considering if you want to get the most of out of your new investment and retain as much independence as you can.

A grocery carrier

Many stair lifts can be equipped with one of these. It’s basically just a large metal basket that fits onto the stair lift as an attachment. It can easily hold several dozen pounds of groceries or other objects, which means you can carry heavier items safely up and down the stairs with you.

A newspaper holder

If you prefer reading the newspaper in bed, this is the ideal accessory for you. After all, it’s much safer to travel on your stair lift while keeping both hands free.

Hinged rails

In some cases you may wish for your stair lift to extend out into another room, such as the hallway or the kitchen. Of course, this can be a problem because it may obstruct doorways or the hallway, hindering more able-bodied people as they walk past. In such cases, hinged end-rails are the perfect solution as they can rotate along the hinge back onto the rest of the rail, which means they won’t get in people’s way. They can be hinged this way anytime the stair lift is not being used.

It’s also possible to buy motorized hinged rails, though these are more expensive. However, the motor makes it much easier to retract and extend the hinged rails when you need to do so. If you’re unsure, Age UK Mobility can advise you which is best for you.

A perch frame

Sometimes it’s preferable to be able to perch on the stair lift, rather than sit. It may be that sitting isn’t comfortable for you, or you may have trouble bending your knees. Alternatively, it might just be that your staircase is a bit narrow and makes sitting uncomfortable. If so, a perch frame is ideal. It consists of a bar that fixes in place so you can grip onto it during the ride, as well as an additional safety rail. There’s also a roomy standing frame that you perch on while the device travels up or down the stairs.

Weather-proof seat covers

Some people require stair lifts to be fitted outdoors, in which case it definitely makes sense to protect it from the elements. Weather-proof seat covers will protect against the rain and dirt, and will ensure the mechanics of the stair lift aren’t affected or worn down over time.