5 Must-Have Features Of Auto Dealer Chat

Live chat software has quickly become one of the most important tools car dealers have for generating leads and making better use of their websites, but with so many competing services, it can be hard to decide which one to pick or whether you need to change vendors for an upgrade. There are certain features that go well beyond simply answering questions through a window that can vastly improve your lead capture rate and turn your website into a valuable source of appointments.

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#1 Your Inventory

The service you use should always be updated about your inventory and integrate pictures and details about the makes and models on your lot to visitors on the other end of the window. Operators can push images of your products through the window, which are known to engage web users better than plain text.

#2 Communicate by Text and Social Media

The more avenues you have to communicate with your customers, the better, and your auto dealer chat software should aim to communicate with your customers via text message, one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. When you’re trying to get your message across, text messages are simply more effective – they have a 98% open rate compared to email’s 22% and most consumers view new text messages in a matter of minutes. SMS-integration also allows your customers to text your store, all handled by your live chat service, so that your customers can reach you whenever and however they want.

The channels people use to communicate are always changing and your live chat service needs to keep up to date and operate where your customers are. For example, one company, Gubagoo, has recently integrated their service into Facebook Messenger, one of the most widely used mobile apps today.Integration with Facebook Messenger can create a seamless transition from Facebook advertising to communication with your business.

#3 Overflow Calls

With the rise of Click-to-Call creating a faster transition from mobile Google searches to phone calls, dealers are seeing an increase in inbound calls they have not experienced since businesses started talking to customers by email. As it turns out, old technology like phone calls have become an important part of digital marketing, and an effective live chat service should include 24/7 phone service so that you never miss out on an inbound lead. A professional, scripted team in a call center can do a better job answering your phone, too, with SalesHQ reporting that 72% of inbound calls to car dealerships are mishandled, with many failing to even ask to book an appointment. Google is converting more and more searches into phone calls, which means that numbers like those reported by SalesHQ are hurting your business.

#4 Sales Team Monitoring

It’s important to have a great team in a call center handle inbound online inquiries and phone calls, but at the end of the day, your salespeople are your most valuable asset and the best at closing the deal. The RESQ app developed by Gubagoo was designed to put a dealer’s sales team in closer touch with their dealer chat system so that they can monitor interactions and even get involved. Your more successful salespeople will be able to track conversations thanks to real time notifications, as well as consult previous conversations, and get involved by communicating directly to the operator or even entering the conversation. Better tools mean better sales; get the auto dealer chat software your team needs to thrive.