Infor Keeps Growing While The Competition Is Losing Ground

Every single person that wants to learn more about the business world eventually ends up analyzing the cloud industry. That is because more companies from around the world end up making the shift towards the cloud. Out of the different companies out there on the market at the moment, the one that always ends up being in the center of the media’s attention is Infor. Karen, the wife of Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, is even covered in the media at the moment because of the huge success of the company managed by her husband.

Infor is a relatively interesting example of what can happen when you take a different business approach, one that focuses on the smaller markets as opposed to getting really large clients. According to different market specialist, Phillips actually manages to offer a new way of doing business. That is the main reason why the competition loses ground right now and Infor keeps improving everything that it offers.

There are some things that do need to be highlighted about why Infor is so successful right now. That is what we will focus right now.


The Focus Is Put On The Smaller Markets

The big players in the cloud industry, Oracle and SAP, try to do all that they can in order to basically get the big corporations as clients. This is not what Infor wants to do. Instead of remaining focused on landing the big clients, Infor developed new applications in order to meet the growing needs of the smaller firms. It is not at all difficult to understand the fact that Infor is nowadays highly effective in the retail industry. That is basically due to this approach.

The small markets are the ones that have a huge financial power, one that was instantly understood by Charles Phillips. You can so easily realize this when you think about the fact that you can easily get the same profit from the small companies that is offered by a large company if you have contracts with enough of the smaller companies.

The Focus Is Put On The Current Customers

The competition is losing a lot of ground in favor of Infor because of hwo clients are handled. The common business approach at the moment is to offer brand new applications for new clients. Infor basically focused on improving the quality of the work that is done by the firm for the current customers. The feedback that is obtained in this case is much more important than what many think.

Many of the clients that Infor has keep using the services of the firm. They take recommendations into account because of the constant communication channels set up with the business clients. Instead of focusing on locating new clients, helping the current clients to reach a brand new business level I seen as a top priority by Infor.

On the whole, Infor will keep evolving and the competition is definitely lagging behind. We do not expect this trend to change in the near future because of how far the competition is in terms of innovation.