The Best Career Paths for Creative Thinkers  

When electing a career, it is important that you try your very based to shape your choice around your best skills and qualities. Admittedly, this is often easier said than done, high competition across various industries plus many other factors can often mean that you simply fall into a job that doesn’t necessarily play to your strengths. Creative thinkers and those with an eye for innovation often find themselves in careers that don’t allow them to show off their creative attributes. You should work hard to avoid this if you are an inventive type of person despite how difficult it may be to forge a carer that allows you to be creative. If you have these types of characteristics then here are some career paths that you could choose that allow you to show them off.  



Along with creative abilities, being an engineer also requires a high proficiency in maths and science in order for you to be successful. Engineering covers a wide variety of industries from construction, computing, chemical and aerospace. Anura Perera Raycom’s chairman is proof that the world of engineering can provide you with great success across a wide range of sectors. The Sri Lankan engineer started out in construction before working in sales, ship building and ultimately owning his own successful aerospace company.


It has never been easier to be a writer than right now, the internet has created thousands of jobs for writers and whilst not always being the most highly paid of jobs, there is lots of work and it will give you the chance to be creative. Most writers work freelance, supplying content for a whole range of companies across many industries. Working in the printed media will require high grades in English and Media but if you want to work freelance then there is nothing to stop you from getting online and searching for paid jobs. There is high competition in the industry so you need to ensure that you can stand out as a writer.


There are countless jobs in the media that will allow you to flex your creative muscles, you could work in photography, editing, innovation, set design, writing or even be part of a camera crew, there really is a huge range of creative roles in media. Getting into the industry, whether it is a magazine or a TV company can be difficult, you need to ensure that your English and Media Studies grades are at a high level and you should seek to gain as much experience as possible from the likes of internships and volunteer work. Job turnover in the media is pretty high but once you have your foot in the door of the industry then you will find it relatively easy to stay working within it should you decide to change jobs. The media can offer fantastic prospects when it comes to climbing the ladder with many managerial and leadership roles available in almost every role. You may find that you have to work freelance before securing a full-time job in the media and during this time it is important to make contacts and to impress.