3 Reasons to Take the Kids to Disneyland


Whether a summer trip or getting away over the fall and winter season, how about Disneyland?

For countless families, Disneyland is a prime destination. As a result, it should not come as a surprise that Disney tickets are a hot item no matter the time of the year.

That said there is no reason you and your loved ones can’t get Disney tickets to make your next trip a magical one.

With that in mind, are you and your family ready to experience all Disneyland has to offer?

Make Your Visit a Magical One

So that you and your family get the most out of a trip to Disneyland, remember these three tips:

1. Planning

Like any other day trip or vacation, be sure the proper planning goes into a Disneyland adventure.

Since the crowds can be pretty large, you want to make sure you get your tickets and any hotel reservations in time. If you’re coming from out of the Anaheim (Calif.) area more than a few hours away, booking a hotel is wise. Even the most athletic adults and kids can wear down after a day with all there is to do and see at Disneyland.

If planning on making a few days or even a week out of your stay, look to see about traveling during off-peak times.

With summer prime-time for many coming to Southern California, you may want to plan a spring or fall visit. Another option of course is visiting the park over the holidays. In doing so, you could find comfortable warm days and crisp nights to enjoy.

No matter when you come, have those plans made out ahead of time.

2. Events

Given there are so many fun things to do at Disneyland, get the lay of the land ahead of time.

By knowing the layout of the park, you can get a better idea of which rides and attractions should be a priority. Depending on the age of your children, they may be into more rides or events than other ones. Unless they are too young to offer an opinion, get their take on what they’d be most interested in doing.

You should also see which rides tend to be the most popular. If some rides have a little longer waits, consider hitting them early in the day before crowds settle in. This way you can avoid long lines and mill about the park at your own pace.

3. Memories

Disneyland is one of those places that can create some great family memories.

With that in mind, be sure you enjoy all there is to see and do at one of America’s most popular venues.

For many families, going to Disneyland is more than a one-time experience. Countless families go back time and time again, making new memories with each visit.

Before you know it, your kids will one day be taking their children to Disneyland to make their own memories.

In taking the kids to an American treasure, is there anything better than Disneyland?