10 Top Tips to Drywall Your Popcorn Ceiling


If you have popcorn ceiling and you want to install drywall over it when you are embarked on a remodeling project of a bathroom, kitchen, or any other room, then there are quite a few things to take into consideration. You will probably know that there is lots of information available online on how to complete a drywalling project. However, it is still very important that you know the most important tips, developed by the professionals. Let’s take a look at the 10 most important tips they have supplied the world with.

10 Top Tips According to the Experts

Experts like Lloyd Claycomb II all agree that the following 10 elements are the most important when it comes to installing drywall over popcorn ceilings:

  1. Make sure that you use a stud finger in order to locate the ceiling joints. Make sure that you make marks with pencils to line up the drywall when you get to that point as well.
  2. Try to use ½” drywall whenever possible, as this is the most lightweight. This means that your ceiling won’t become weighed down. Gravity can pull drywall down.
  3. Do not hang the drywall by yourself, but get someone to help you instead. If you can’t find anyone, then hire a drywall jack or lift instead, which will keep everything in place as you work.
  4. Do not line up the corners of four different pieces of drywall. Instead, you need to stagger it. This may feel like you have to work a lot more than if you were to place them parallel, but parallel joints are a lot weaker and more likely to crack.
  5. Do not use drywall nails, but use screws instead. Screws have a far stronger grip and they also do not create nail pops over time. Nail pops can occur within just a few months of the remodeling project.
  6. Measure your joint tape and cut it accordingly before you start to hang the drywall. In so doing, your seams will stay nice and smooth as well.
  7. Give your joint compound plenty of time to dry. It will generally need at least three applications and you should smooth it down after each application so you don’t have to sand it too much.
  8. Do not rinse the excess that has come off your compound down the drain. It will clog the pipes up and lead to significant damage. Instead, scrape it into a trash back and rinse your tools in the sink afterwards. Do make sure all your tools have been properly cleaned between each use.
  9. Before you paint your drywall, use a PVA-drywall primer to prime it first. The key benefit of this is that it will show up imperfections that you have missed. If you use flat ceiling paint, you will create the optical illusion of there being fewer imperfections.
  10. Always wear goggles. When installing drywall on a ceiling, you will be staring up at all times, and it is very easy for particles to land in your eyes.