Tips For Increasing Your Mobile Signal

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Our Tips For Increasing Your Mobile Signal will help you stay connected in more places

We all know how annoying it can be when your signal from your phone drops, right when you’re in the middle of a call or trying to do something important. Having an understanding of the best ways to help increase your mobile signal can be a lifesaver, so read on to read our best tips for increasing your mobile signal.

Work out where you get the best signal

Having an understanding of where you get the best signal is useful to know. Walk around your home with your mobile phone and see where the signal seems to work best. Mark these areas down so that you can figure out the best spots in your house for when you need the reception.

Open a window

A simple tip, but simply opening a window can help you to increase your mobile signal. Walls and insulation can in fact block signals from reaching your phone, which is why you might find you struggle to get decent signal in your home. Open a window to help your mobile connect better.

Go higher

The closer you are to the phone mast, the better the signal is going to be. This is why elevating your phone can help to improve the signal. Rather than just putting your arm in the air, try and head upstairs which could help improve the signal.

Find out the closest phone mast

Knowing where your nearest phone mast is located could prove invaluable. By understanding where the mast is located, you’ll know where in your house you need to go in order to to be closest to it. Teaming this with opening a window and going upstairs could boost your signal more than you expect.

Avoid the antenna

You want to make your phone and the signal from the mast to be as uninterrupted as possible, and something as simple as changing your grip on the phone could work. Find out where the antenna on your phone is located, and avoid covering it with your hand or fingers. It might sound crazy, but Apple themselves have admitted that the way people hold their phone could influence the signal.

Change providers

If you’re still having problems then it might be time to change your mobile phone provider. Different companies have different coverage, and it could simply be that the one you’re on at the moment isn’t offering the best coverage for you. Check out coverage maps to find out what network will be the most beneficial for where you’re located.