How to Make Some Extra Cash on your Smartphone

Do you know How to Make Some Extra Cash on your phone?

Smartphones cost a lot of money. And their total cost goes beyond their price alone – you have to consider the money you spend on mobile broadband to be able to use them to their best. While this recurring cost will not make you go bankrupt, it would be nice to know there are ways for your smartphone to back, at least in part, for what you spent on it. The good news is that there are several ways in which your smartphone can do this. Some of them can land you some extra change, others – while being more risky – can even make you rich.

Taking a risk on the go

Smartphone games usually cost us money – think in-app purchases, for example. But there are a select few that can do the contrary: put extra cash in our pockets, or even turn us into millionaires. When Mark, a 25-year-old Canadian man decided to play online games at Royal Vegas, his goals were not moneymaking at all, but to have some fun on the go. After about a week of playing at the Royal Vegas, he decided to try his luck on Mega Moolah, a game with a progressive jackpot offering attached. Imagine his surprise when a 25 cent spin on Mega Moolah turned him into an instant millionaire. He was the first Royal Vegas player to hit a jackpot last year, and took home one of the largest mobile wins in the Royal Vegas history.

While jackpot wins don’t happen too often, people do win at mobile gaming venues. Unlike social games, real money gaming facilities do pay out what their players win. I mean, in real money, not just in virtual currency. Playing on the go does not guarantee a profit, but it offers the chance to make an extra buck – and it’s sure an entertaining way to spend time on your smartphone.

Smartphone gigs

The rise of the smartphone has brought upon us a whole new frontier, waiting to be filled with products and services. Most of these are expecting users to pay for them – but there area few that work the other way around. Some of them rely on the mobility of the users, offering them micro-jobs to complete for the appropriate fee.

Mostly restricted to countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, or Ireland, these apps offer their users the possibility to complete various tasks with their smartphones, and offer rewards in return. These rewards can be varied, from gift cards, through discount coupons, to cold, hard cash. And the tasks can be extremely varied, too – some require the users to walk into shops and scan various products’ bar codes, others seek users to run errands, and so on. While these won’t make you rich – far from it – they will help you learn to begin to know how to make some extra cash.