The future of online shopping

The future of online shopping is intertwined with the emergence of mobile computing
Photo by CC user 422737 on Pixabay

The whole concept of online shopping is something that millennials would find hard to imagine doing without, but for anyone who remembers life before the internet became ubiquitous, it is even harder to think of where things might go from here. Whichever camp you find yourself in, the fact is that online shopping is now such a fundamental part of life that its inner workings are just taken for granted by the vast majority of us.

However, as tech of all kinds continues to advance and evolve, there are yet more revolutions to come for the way that the digital marketplace operates. The exciting thing is that this is not going to be restricted to simply getting even more capable handsets and faster mobile internet speeds, as other areas of tech will start to have more and more influence on our shopping habits. Here is what the future of online shopping holds…

Online shopping’s brief history

The fact that online shopping is still in its infancy is one reason that you can expect big changes still to come. Online auction sites and niche markets for books and music may have led the way in the original online shopping explosion, but today, pretty much any goods or services that you want will be found online. Whether you prefer using apps on the go or browsing extensive website catalogues at home on your computer or laptop, there are a great many ways to find what you are looking for and compare deals and prices. This presents a challenge for retailers and other companies to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Latest online shopping tech

With so many ways to use the internet to research products and make price comparisons, keeping up with tech can be tricky for retailers. Not only do consumers have their own preferences as to which platforms they use, but also branding and content must be created to be adaptable to each different one. This means that everything from processing payments to sizing graphics correctly must be taken into account in order to adapt to constantly shifting consumer behavior and trends.

Changing demand

Consumer demand does mean that there is an opportunity for making more sales, but the influence of social media and the need for consistent branding across platforms also makes it essential for companies to have a strong marketing strategy across the spectrum. A great example of how this works in action is the way that As seen on TV has utilized a mix of tried-and-tested traditional methods alongside the latest cutting-edge approaches. By keeping one step ahead and recognizing that changing consumer behaviors are the driving force in the online marketplace, this is one well-known American brand that has led the way in making the most of new trading conditions.

What to expect

The next wave of tech to have a big impact on how we shop online is not likely to have anything to do with your end of things, but far more to rely on revolutionary changes in the wider world. For instance, drones are already being used for many different purposes, but soon they will probably be making deliveries to domestic households with purchases made online. Some of the biggest digital retailers are looking at the possibility of using automated airborne delivery systems to take goods straight from the warehouse to your door. If this becomes a reality, and it certainly looks that way, then our skies will soon take on a very different look, and our roads will become quite a bit less busy.

Internet of Things

The long talked about “Internet of Things” (IoT) will also herald another revolution, this time one that even cuts out the middleman – you! By having appliances such as refrigerators online with their own IP address, automated systems will mean that when you run out of milk an order will be placed for more. With the possibility that a driverless vehicle will deliver the items, it could be that a totally human-free chain could be set in motion to look after the very basic day-to-day purchases on your behalf.

Real life sci-fi

If this all sounds like science fiction, then ask one of those folks who remember pre-internet life if they thought that they would be buying clothes via pictures on their mobile phone back in the Nineties! The fact is that the never-ending onward march of tech means that even the most digital-savvy consumers of today will be surprised at what is coming round the corner sooner than you think.