Warm Glowing Reviews for Solar Power Company Sunnova Energy


Even though many people are already aware of the dangers of fossil fuel use and climate change consequences, there is still a lot of misconceptions about alternative sources of energy, like solar power. However, a quick glance at Sunnova Solar Reviews reveals that the Sunnova Energy is an up and coming star in the solar power business. There are several reasons why Sunnova Energy is leading the pack, mostly because of its easy payment options, solar buyback program, efficient and effective power generator, and a wide range of access across many states in the US, even abroad. One client from Puerto Rico, Melanio Aguayo enthused, “Our highest energy bill with PREPA went up to $ 225 a month. Currently with Sunnova, we are on a fixed monthly payment of $ 140, with savings of more than $ 80. Additionally, we are helping the environment because we are using clean energy. We are happy with the company’s service and support.”

Various Ways to Fund the Switch to Solar Power

Sunnova Energy offers various flexible payment plans. The EZ Pay PPA Plan allows customers to pay the same amount of money over a year with annual adjustments based on solar production, with the option of owning the system after five years. The PPA Plan allows the customer to pay monthly, depending on the actually energy produced by the system, with the option of owning the system after five years. The EZ Own Plan lets customers own the solar power system from the very beginning and features fixed monthly payments and guaranteed production levels for the duration of the agreement. Finally, the Solar Lease Plan, while not having the option of ownership, still offers fixed monthly payments and guaranteed energy production levels for the duration of the agreement.

Switch to Solar Power and Save Money

After installation, the Sunnova Energy solar power system starts generating energy immediately. This means homeowners can start seeing their electric bills shrinking because they will only be billed for the energy they consume from the grid during night time and cloudy days. Better yet, homeowners can also enjoy the extra cash, since they can sell the extra energy produced by their solar power system to the electric grid. With Sunnova, homeowners receive a guaranteed energy production rate, which is constantly monitored by the company. If any maintenance or repairs is needed, Sunnova will provide it for free for the next 25 years. Over time, the savings as well as income add up. Sunnova Energy relies on a network of trusted local partners for convenient and efficient installation which are flexible enough to be customized for different areas and climates. Another satisfied customer, Peter Akiyama from California said, “My installation partner was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions regarding solar energy and the installation of the solar panels. Sunnova is among the leading companies offering energy at a lower cost than my current utility company, and they stand by their products and services.”