Keeping Up Your Online Studies Over the Festive Season

Photo by CC user Jonathan Cohen on Flickr.

Studying online is becoming an ever more popular way to gain new qualifications, and whatever you are studying, from an online business administration degree to a new programming language, the kind of education technology now available makes it possible to learn, revise, and test yourself from home or on the go. Of course, one of the big challenges to being successful in online business programs and other courses from online universities is balancing the time you spend studying with your other commitments, and this is more difficult at some times of the year than others.

Over the holiday season, motivating yourself to work on your studies when you have fun invitations, guests, and the temptation of just snuggling up with some Christmas movies and mulled wine, can be a tough thing to do, so here are some tips to help you avoid arriving at January 1st having gotten behind on your course:

Treat Yourself While You Study

You don’t want to feel like you are missing out on Christmas fun just because you are at your computer working, so why not make your study sessions a little more festive by allowing yourself some Christmassy snacks while you work? Although it may be better to save any alcoholic Christmas beverages until after you finish your session!

Create a Study Calendar for the Festive Period

The best way to keep up your studies without having to turn down too many invitations over the party season is to create a calendar for the festive period, and block off free time as study time. Try to stick to your calendar, so you use your free evenings and days to study and don’t feel guilty for pre-planned time off for Christmas events.

Talk to Guests in Advance About Your Study Plan

If you are going to be having friends or relatives to stay over the Christmas period, let them know in advance which periods you have blocked off for study during their stay. Let them know that they are welcome to go out or stay in and enjoy themselves without you, but you would appreciate them leaving you distraction free and not trying to persuade you to ditch your studies and join them! Of course, try and plan the period so you don’t have too many study sessions booked in while your loved ones are there if you can.

Do The Same If You Are staying With Someone Else

If you are planning to go and stay with your parents or other people over Christmas, either consider the days you will be there ‘study free’ on your study calendar and add extra sessions earlier in the month to make up for it, or talk to the people you will be staying with about whether you will be able to study during your visit. Check they have Wi-Fi you can use and that there will be a quiet place where you can work.

There should be no reason why you have to miss out of festive fun while still making good progress on your degree program or other course over Christmas.