Qualities of a Successful Real Estate Developer


It takes a special set of qualities to be able to successfully oversee the design and creation of an office tower, housing development or shopping center. Real estate developers like Chase Rubin are definitely a special breed who possess a highly refined set of skills that allow them to take on these monumental tasks again and again. Here is a list of some of the skills that make them special.

They Excel at Problem Solving

Developing real estate is a job filled with managing people and problems, both of which are constantly seeking to pull things off track. The job is defined by its constant need for course correcting and navigating through the speed bumps, roadblocks and dead ends along the way to a completed project. The good developers excel at problem solving in order to get their projects finished. They do this by always having multiple ways to solve any problem and surrounding themselves with a close group who are problem solvers as well. Through the myriad of anticipated and unforeseen financial, zoning, legal, municipal, land, construction and budgeting issues, good developers find the way to work through them all and get the job done on time and on budget.

They are Creative

The foundation of a development project is a creative idea the developer believes can be turned into a development. The developer must then locate a site that is accommodating to that idea or design a project that work within the site that is identified. Throughout this process the developer is challenged to be creative about his ideas and desires, because nothing is a perfect fit. They must also have an eye on the future so they develop a project that fits into where things are going which may be very different than where things are today.

To do this, good developers push the envelope with cutting edge designs, new building materials and innovative construction methods. The result of their work is visible in the best looking and most talked about buildings and real estate developments in the city.

They Specialize

There are so many different types of construction projects and many developers want to be able to bid on and create them all. The thinking is “the more we can do, the more we can earn”. But what actually occurs more often than not is they become known as a company that does everything but not anything special. So those looking for special (which are usually the ones with the highest budgets), will pass these developers by. Instead, the top developers specialize in a particular type of development and become known as experts. Some might do office towers, others focus on residential home building, while others build shopping centers. In order to become experts they understand and have access to every aspect of completing projects in their focus area. The result is they get hired by the best at top dollar to deliver a development project that stands out and is of the highest quality.

These qualities do not make up a developer’s entire list of skills but they form a foundation for their being able to perform at such high levels of effectiveness.