Your Miracle Vehicle – 5 Tips For Choosing the Car of Your Dreams  

We all remember that moment when we first got our license and thought this is it, complete and utter freedom in the car of my dreams. Granted, in reality it is a little bit different. Our parents usually play a large part in choosing the car and that is usually something plain, simple and safe.

Despite this, we all maintain that dream, that ever elusive ultimate motoring machine in our minds.

But when it comes to living that dream how do we know what to look for. Here are 5 tips for choosing the car of your dreams.


1.      The hard yards don’t have to be that hard

In today’s technological age, pounding the pavements on your weekend visiting every car yard in sight in a things of the past. Providers exist who will search all of the dealerships for you with a just few key details. I used Cars & Co and with one simple click sent me all of the BMW Z5 listings including color, year, model, key specs and much more. This saved entire weekends of doing manual research, and the source is far more reliable.

2.  Less is more

Simplistic style is in, so remember that when you are thinking of getting the electric orange Hummer H3. Most cars these days offer a myriad of special features; Bluetooth connectivity, parking sensors and even the technology to park themselves. If you really want these features then go for it, but expect to pay for it.  Sit down and jot down a list of key features you are looking for in your dream car and features that would be nice but aren’t necessary. Don’t get sucked in by popular gadgets and gizmo!

3.  Safe and sound

When you talk about your dream car, the first word you use isn’t always safety.

Style and speed, yes. But safety, often an afterthought. Despite this, safety is still a key element to consider when choosing your dream car. A dream car should get you from A to B in one piece, with no brushes with mortality on the way. Always remember to check the manufacturer’s ANCAP safety rating for each individual model. Along with this consider what safety features it has, ABS, airbags, hands free etc.

4.  Maintenance is key

Remember we are choosing your dream car, so considering the maintenance schedule is key to ensuring it doesn’t become a nightmare. A Lamborghini would be great but spare parts are expensive, hard to come by and often take a long time to arrive. Research the availability of parts, average maintenance costs and authorized repairers close to you. It will save you a lot of time and a few headaches in the long run. Remember that while this is your dream car now, it might not always be so if the condition isn’t great then reselling down the track will be a long and painful road.


5.  Functional dreaming  

When we hear the phrase dream car our minds usually drift to a highway wrapped around a mountain, ourselves driving that flash convertible with the wind in our hair. What a dream it is. One thing we don’t see in our dream is ourselves arriving at that destination with no luggage, not picnic basket for lunch, nothing. Why? Because like any good dream convertible where we feel the breeze in our hair, there is no boot space, no back seat space, no real functionality.

When choosing your dream car, remember functionality is a key requirement.

Boot space, back seats, roof or no roof – that is the question. Thinking first and planning all of the tasks you will need to do in your dream car is a great way to ensure you have a functional, yet dreamy new car. You don’t have to forget that dream, but just look past the smoke and mirrors and be a little more logical.

Our dream car is something we all think about from time to time.

After all as humans we all love to dream about what could be. Then when that dream is ready to
come true, it can be very exciting. Keep these simple tips in mind and you will
have not only a dream car but one which won’t break the bank, offers style,
functionality and won’t mean spending every weekend searching car yards.