How to Convince Your Sales Manager to Give You a Raise

Sometimes, career paths don’t lend themselves to ideal positions, and we become fixated, instead, on the possibility of making money, rather than having a fulfilling position at a company we love. While we don’t want to admit it most of the time, making money is a good feeling – and a necessary one.

Stereotypes of “selling out” often deter us from the allure of a mindset where high-stake salaries become the object of one’s affection. And yet, sometimes we just need a little bit of extra cash.

Unfortunately, many people feel put-off by the idea of outright requesting more money from their managers or bosses. But in most cases, people are very deserving of a raise – even if you don’t feel worthy of it, it’s important to try and practice for future positions in which you find yourself wanting more.

The first thing that ought to be done to raise your salary is to schedule a meeting with your sales manager. But it’s important to do so at the right time. If your boss is in a good mood, for example, you should be quick to act on this joyous time in the office. Don’t approach them aggressively and ask them to meet with you at an inconvenient time – for instance, if there are too many of your own deadlines that need to be tended to, you need to prioritize those.

When you finally do get to chat with your overseer, be sure to:

  • Understand what a fair salary increase would look like in your industry and according to your position in the company, lest you upset your manager with a ridiculous and unjustified number. Asking for too much will be immediately off-putting and show that you don’t quite understand your own worth within the sales industry – you might want to work with professional sales recruiters to get a fuller understanding of how salaries fluctuate with time and according to specific successes and failures within a given company.
  • Demonstrate that you have long-term goals by describing your vision for the company and ideas you have that might revolutionize the nature of sales.
  • Show that you are willing and able to take on many more responsibilities around the office. This will really indicate that you are valuable employee who’s willing to take one for the team.
  • Be clear about the unique values you add to the sales team. If you have a distinct kind of charm that creates an influx of sales, then make that known to your boss. As well, if there are any accomplishments that have gone unnoticed, you should bring these to the table, as they may be determining factor in your request for a raise.
  • Stay strong – your boss will no doubt give you some pushback, because no one worthy of a salary increase is going to get something without a fight. It shows that you have initiative and are willing to stand firmly in what you believe in.