It Doesn’t Matter What Kind of Pebble You Have, Protect it with a Skin

Anyone who has contributed to its original Kickstarter will know the Pebble Watch is an amazing smartwatch. It’s modern convenience at your wrist, letting you keep in touch while on the go. As a long-time user, there’s only one thing you don’t enjoy and that’s you inability to prevent damage from scratching the watch. The basic watch can’t stand up to the abuse you shell out, especially when an average weekend of your active life is spent hiking and rock climbing. To keep your watch protected, you need something a little extra – something like a vinyl skin.


Skeptics may think a skin is just like any covering, but Pebble Watch skins are far different (and better!) than any plastic or rubber casing. Though you can find plenty of plastic and rubber cases on the market, their protective qualities are grossly overrated. They hug the device, making it look and feel much larger than it is. This bulky fit isn’t snug enough to stop dirt, grime, and debris from working their way between the case and the watch itself, opening it up for more damage.

A Pebble Watch skin or decal, on the other hand, provides an unparalleled fit, as its fits over the device like a sticker or a second skin. Its thin material barely alters the original dimensions of the watch, all while providing a strong, durable barrier between your smartwatch and the world. Sharp objects, rough surfaces, and other dangers of daily life are stopped by the vinyl, preventing any damage to happen to the watch itself. And this includes the buttons, as well, as Pebble Watch decals are versatile enough to fit over any piece of the device without interfering with its function.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, certain decal providers such as the innovators at dbrand, offer customized designs, so you can have a skin a that matches your personality. You can choose a red carbon fiber finish for a modern, sleek style guaranteed to turn heads, or you can keep it simple with a white matte decal. For business professionals, choose from a selection of rich leather and soft wood vinyl that are bound to impress clients and stoke envy in the workplace. But don’t take these options as gospel. Go online and see the amazing options at dbrand for yourself so you can make an informed choice about your style.

Of course, massive selection in colors and textures isn’t your only priority. Quality materials are a must, too. In order to clinch a unique look fit for your personality, you should look for those providers that only deal with 3M vinyl. This material is as versatile as it is protective. When working with this material, these providers can harness all of the protective qualities that you expect in a decal while customizing the look. A simple search online will point in the right direction, where you’ll see the Pebble skins made by dbrand will make the cut. With a superior fit, durable material, and fashionable styles, you can’t go wrong choosing one of their decals.

They fit over your smartwatch easily enough, as the precision cut vinyl was engineered to match the exact dimensions of the Pebble. Once on, you’ll wonder how you ever went on your athletic weekend trips without one. Stylish, fashionable, and affordable, a Pebble Watch skin is a must for all Pebble owners.