How You Can Spend Your Bitcoins 

I often speak to people about digital technology who are just cutting their teeth in the industry and are looking for the best ways to use it to their advantage. Interestingly, I have had more conversations in the last 12 months than I ever have before, about digital currency and about Bitcoin. Whilst there are many people who simply want to know what it is or how they can get their hands on them, the majority of people have already opened a Bitcoin wallet and bought some currency, but now are unsure what to do. If you fall into this category and you are sitting on some Bitcoins that you would like to spend, here are just some of the ways that you can go about it.

* I should mention that the Bitcoin price fluctuates greatly and not only should you ensure that you are spending them when the price is strong, you could also consider sitting tight and selling them at a high price.



You can now book flights with companies like CheapAir and hotels with websites such as Expedia, and pay using your Bitcoins. There are more and more companies who are jumping onto the Bitcoin wagon but these two are the first who have fully embraced the currency. If you are feeling really flush and you want and adventure of a lifetime, then you could even head into space with Richard Branson on his Virgin Galactic tour, and pay with Bitcoins.

Household Goods 

You can use your Bitcoins to buy everyday items at a website called, a website with over a million products that is a partner of Bitcoin exchange Coinbase. Whether you are looking for a new laptop, television, bedding set or shower curtain, you can find it all on the website and they accept Bitcoins as payment for the goods.


Many restaurants and bars now have terminals and the capacity to accept Bitcoins and you could even buy your evening meal on website Foodler. This delivery and takeout service allows you to buy food from your favorite restaurant, pay the app with Bitcoins and then they will pick it up from the restaurant, pay with cash or wire transfer, and then bring the food straight to your door. This middleman agreement work really well when it comes to spending your Bitcoins.


Believe it or not you can actually pay for your satellite TV and internet using your Bitcoins through communications company Dish. Since 2014 the service has accepted Bitcoins and they are the first of their kind to do so.

Charitable Donations

Almost all of the heavy hitting charities around the world have now begun to accept cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is the most widely accepted. It makes sense for the charities to accept any type of donation that is available and if you are feeling generous and you would like to help a great cause, then this could be the best way to spend you Bitcoins.