Possible Reasons Why You Don’t Lose Weight Even if You Try Hard

It is quite frustrating to see that your body size remains the same even if you try your best to lose weight. You feel like you already tried everything possible to shed weight, but nothing happens. Before you give up, you need to understand why you have this issue, and what you can do to achieve your weight loss goals.

You might already be losing weight

You keep complaining that you are not losing weight because these changes are incremental. Even the people you are with each day won’t notice small changes. Besides, body weight tends to fluctuate. You only realise that you are still fat when you finish eating. However, it does not necessarily reveal your true weight. You might also be gaining muscle mass which keeps your weight the same.

You don’t keep track of what you eat

You always say that you are on a diet, but how faithful are you in keeping to your diet? Even if you don’t eat some types of food, you might still gain weight because of the proportion of food that you are eating. Record what you eat throughout the day, so you will know if you have already had enough.

You don’t eat enough protein

Removing meat from your diet is not necessarily helpful since it is a good source of protein. If you want to let go of meat, you need to consider eating plant-based meals that are high in protein. When you eat protein, you also increase the calories that boost metabolism. Therefore, not having enough protein in your diet could slow the breakdown of nutrients and digestion.

You don’t lift weights

One of the keys to losing weight is to lift weights. You need to build muscle mass since it helps in burning fat. Muscle mass also keeps your weight down because it improves your metabolism. With weight lifting, you maintain the long-term fat loss.

You binge eat

There is nothing wrong with trying some diet techniques that other people can attest to being effective. Intermittent dieting, for instance, may work if you stick to the timeline, and you eat healthy when you can eat. However, if you make up for the time that you did not eat by eating a lot more, you will end up gaining weight. Even if you only eat healthy dishes, you might still gain weight if you binge eat. A single binge meal could ruin your entire week of dieting.

You didn’t remove sugary beverages from your diet

Apart from pure water, any other liquid is not so safe for you, as they have loads of sugar. Coffee, soda, vitamin water and even fruit juices have tons of sugar that your body doesn’t need. The problem with increased sugar content is that you keep having a lot, but you still don’t feel satisfied. As a result, you might even eat high-calorie foods.

Don’t feel hopeless

These reasons might make you feel bad since your weight loss strategies don’t work. You can try other techniques though like fat freezing treatment if you want a non-invasive method of weight loss. Check out the details of this procedure and determine if you can afford the cost. If you think it could work in helping you achieve your goals, you need to try it.