A lot of people like to have tall fescue for their lawn. However, according to lawn care company TruGreen complaints about this type of grass are common. This is mainly because it is a lot of work. While it is possible to hire a lawn service company like True Green to manage tall fescue, the reality is that it is a bit of a waste of money. Far less work is required with zoysia lawns instead, which are also low maintenance.

The Problem with Tall Fescue

One of the reasons why you almost have to become a customer with a professional service if you have fescue, is because of the complexities associated with looking after it. You have to over-seed and aerate it every autumn. It then requires specialized fertilizer at the start of winter. Then, when spring starts, you need to put a pre-emergent fertilizer in place. One of the common reviews of tall fescue is also that it is environmentally unfriendly, because it requires so much water! And at the end of all that, if you didn’t hire a professional, your lawn will look thin and patchy at best.

The Benefit of Tall Fescue

It is impossible to not fall in love with healthy, lush fescue. It is deep green and really stands out. You will have strangers coming up to you to comment on the beauty of your lawn. And you will find this review helpful, and believe that all your hard work, and all those resources you poor into your lawn just to get this review, will have been worth it. However, consider that, for every 100 square lawn feet, you will need some 120 gallons of water each and every week, and that is if you don’t live in an arid climate. That is a costly endeavor, not just in terms of your water bill, but in terms of the environment as well. Plus, what will you do if there is a hosepipe ban?

Changing to Zoysia Instead

Warm weather grasses have a couple of issues. They are not as green and they go dormant when the weather turns cold. However, if that is how you feel about this type of lawn, then maybe you should take a look at El Toro Zoysia. This is green, plush, and thick and is actually quite similar in look to fescue. Best of all, it isn’t all that costly either. If you need to sod your lawn by switching to this seed, you can expect to pay around $600 for some 2,000 square feet, which is nothing short of cheap. Sure, you will need to water it frequently to allow it to establish, but even that will take at least 10% less water than watering an established tall fescue lawn. That is an impressing saving, particularly when you consider that you can pat yourself on the back for not destroying the planet and depleting it of its natural resources for the sake of a green lawn.